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9190 689 01-22-2022

This grew into a $12 billion business.

Ship your MVP. https://t.co/pl7d8i4sk6

4388 641 09-14-2021

StRaTegY https://t.co/w3cqLLm1p1

3836 548 11-22-2021

My salary over the last 20 years https://t.co/IUf3DFHy4W

5944 326 01-23-2023

I'm a dev.

My app makes $22k / mo.

I just revealed that my server costs are $1200 / mo.

Typical dev response: you could save money if you <massive migration to XYZ platform>

Reality check: I'm not looking to save a few hundred bucks per month. I'm looking to grow my business.

5093 311 09-21-2021

The longer you’re in the startup game the more you realize how big the gulf is between people who talk and people who execute.

1623 205 10-16-2021

Salesforce made $17 billion in 2020 revenue and is a single php file. No frameworks. No libraries.

2832 177 04-15-2021

How @zapier got started. Now serving 100,000+ paying customers and doing $50 million in ARR. https://t.co/PqjJh6UIAi

2361 171 12-07-2020

Passive income is a lie told by people who want to sell you courses.

The truth is:

If you’re not improving your product someone will eventually build a better one.

If you’re not marketing your product eventually no one will hear about it.

1406 169 10-13-2021

SaaS is not passive income. When I stop shipping new features and/or stop marketing, I feel sales slowing. SaaS is something you have to keep working on.

The only people who talk about SaaS as passive income are folks trying to sell you their passive income SaaS course!

1634 163 03-09-2021

I'm 42 years old.

I run an indie SaaS doing $550,000 / year.

This is my daily routine: https://t.co/NHJAaz2Koa

3461 140 12-03-2022

How to start a SaaS company:

Take the most tedious tech task at your job. Automate it and sell it for $99 per month.

There are many, many companies who would gladly pay $100 to get back some of their dev team's time per month.

1305 130 07-23-2021

Friday reality check! I started building SaaS products 2 years ago. They all failed. It all changed when (1) I focused on one thing, and (2) I chose a space I'm passionate about.

Focus, passion, perseverance. Those are the 3 things you need to get you business off the ground. https://t.co/6nDVHAMORF

1016 129 07-10-2020

Me returning to coding after a 1 week holiday https://t.co/qPuqwpzyuA

986 108 12-28-2022

Churn is brutal this month and new business is slow.

MBA consultant: have you considered decreasing churn and increasing new business?

1878 105 10-21-2022

In your heart you know it to be true. https://t.co/Z3fvRReILh

1289 94 08-16-2022


Hacker News: why does <thing> exist as a paid product when you can achieve the same for free by using <several obscure open source tools>

1330 87 03-15-2022

RIP all the startups who were quickly building an alternative to OnlyFans.

1165 85 08-25-2021

A year ago my SaaS startup was making $40 MRR. Now it’s on $7000+ MRR.

A lot can happen in a year. Don’t give up too early.

(Amounts are in Singapore dollars) https://t.co/DwMF3skoOZ

1790 79 10-09-2020

Developer founders be like:

“Ok after THIS feature I’m going to go full on marketing mode”

*starts building a new feature*

“Ok after THIS...”

967 74 05-11-2021
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