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I have 15+ years of digital marketing experience.

I condensed everything I know about SEO in one single thread including videos from industry experts.

When you finish this thread you can literally start your own SEO agency and start making money online.

4972 1064 07-12-2021

I've been doing SEO for over 15 years and optimized 100's of websites.

Here are the best techniques you can use to rank higher in Google 👇

4654 893 01-04-2022

You don't need a marketing degree to become a great marketer.

Here's everything you should know to start a marketing career:

3219 886 07-30-2021

I've been doing SEO for over 15 years and optimized 100's of websites.

Here are 17 learnings from my playbook to help you get more organic traffic. https://t.co/HlnE7kk7s3

1605 349 05-27-2021

Ted Talks are free university.

But most people don't know what to watch.

Here are 10 Ted Talks to start and accelerate your business:

1096 310 10-17-2022

Podcasts that will make you smarter:

The Game
The Scale Lab
My First Million
Hypefury Presents
The Tim Ferris Show
Economics Explained
Noah Kagan Presents
The Knowledge Project
How to Take Over the World
Working Hard, Hardly Working

Reply with more podcasts.

1512 272 09-24-2022

PayPal’s business model is closing down accounts and keeping your funds for themselves.

896 171 07-16-2021

Want to influence people? Use cognitive biases.

This thread is full of examples how to use them to your advantage but will disappear in 48 hours. So be quick 👇

612 160 12-26-2021

42 examples of great advertising headlines you can implement in your emails, landing pages, and sales funnels today,

and why they are so irresistible 👇

514 145 07-27-2021

How to get your first 2,000 followers on Twitter in minimal time

I will outline 2 options:

1. Fast way (100% organic)
2. Ultrafast way (500-1000 followers in 1 day when done right) if you have $ to spend

Let's begin


467 113 06-02-2021

Marketing tip:

Explain your product like your audience is a five year old.

Not because your audience is a five year old. But because it's better to be clear than clever.

534 101 12-07-2021

We spent 300 hours studying LinkedIn growth.

And grew our own page by 600% in 3 months.

So we created a document where we discuss 20 LinkedIn growth strategies.

I decided to give it away for FREE

Want a copy?

Comment 'grow' and I will DM it to you.

(Must be following)

523 92 11-19-2022

Worrying is like praying for something you don't want.

286 73 12-19-2021

Writing is the single best skill you can develop in 2022

I've read hundreds of threads about copywriting and curated the best to jumpstart your writing habit today. 👇

386 69 02-03-2022

2022 is closing in fast. These are the 8 marketing skills you need in the new year:

1. Community building
2. Storytelling

3. Cognitive psychology

4. SEO

5. Email marketing

6. Data science
7. Social media marketing
8. A sense of humor

322 67 10-18-2021

Creators are overusing ChatGPT.

There's a queue and you need to wait more often.

Here are 5 ChatGPT alternatives… https://t.co/lRnsgFXYBU

270 66 01-10-2023

It’s my 37th birthday today. 🎉

I’m grateful for all the fantastic people I met on Twitter this year.

Here’s a little 🎁 from me:

37 life lessons you should know.

360 65 08-14-2021

8 Telegram groups you should join to level up your life!

You are missing out on a ton of $$$ and resources if you don't.

Here they are 👇

275 64 09-06-2021

Twitter is full of ideas. The best ideas are visualized.

Here are ten visual threads to show you how powerful visuals can help you stand out. https://t.co/n6oDKUoTJY

208 52 06-02-2022

It's finished—an ebook with 101 viral thread hooks.

Threads are the #1 strategy to grow on Twitter and I collected… https://t.co/tM4QL369pP

325 48 01-18-2023
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