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Logo? Use @logologydesign

Website? Use @webflow

Writing? Use @grammarly

Copywriting? Use @copy_ai

Automations? Use @bardeenai

Graphic design? Use @canva

Twitter? Use @chirrapp

99% of people can start a profitable online business if they’re obsessed but patient.

1179 260 08-30-2022

Given how hot the no-code space is, 2021 is probably the best year to become a builder and amp up your no-code skills ⚡️

Here is my curated list of beginner-friendly tools to go from 0 to 1 in no-code within hours: (a thread 🧵)

1039 203 06-23-2021

Zapier is a beast in the automation world with $7b valuation and $140m ARR

But the automation space is on fire 🔥… https://t.co/U8rhpH0hRM

973 155 12-06-2022

The future belongs to developers who embrace low-code ⚡️

Contrary to the popular myth, devs are actually the ones rapidly adopting and creating software with low-code tools

But if you're new, where do you start?

Here is my curated list of low-code tools (a thread🧵)

894 183 06-25-2021

No-code is not the future.

It's already here and is transforming every functional area within startups.

Here are 16 no-code tools that you should be using in 2022 ⬇️

[including some hidden gems 💎]

836 140 04-18-2022


Chief Content Officer will be a highly paid and much coveted exec position in the future in tech startups

701 96 08-27-2021

Quote of the day:

“Your success in life depends on your ability to make good decisions. Your happiness depends on your ability to not care about the outcomes. “

— @naval

599 78 08-13-2022

I’m an Indian kid who grew up in a lower middle class family in a rural village w/ no hot water

At 21, I moved to… https://t.co/D7wcVK5Oje

590 19 08-01-2021

A VC fund that can turn founders into low key celebrities would kick ass in the next decade

By helping with perso… https://t.co/6BDFVpml7u

554 26 07-20-2022

Not sure who needs to hear this but here you go

No-code startup studios are the future of 2021-31

543 32 08-07-2021

2021 is year of the "builder economy":

- Bubble hit 1m users raised $100m
- Airtable crossed $100m ARR
- Zapier crosses $140m ARR, valued at $5b, and acquired Makerpad

No-code is not niche anymore

What a great time to become proficient w no-code low-code tools & build!

533 68 08-15-2021

I once read that @david_perell once did one new Youtube video a day challenge and kept up until 114 days.

And apparently only got 31 subscribers in total 🤯

Nobody remembers your failures.

That's why it's important to keep swinging & trying things and failing in public.

507 43 08-10-2021

Not sure who needs to hear this but
No-code startup studios are the future

502 43 10-25-2021

Underrated truth:

We need 20x more people to break into tech and startups

There are literally thousands of jobs - it’s a employee market right now and will stay the same for the next few years

Go help a friend break into tech 🚀

496 79 07-24-2021

A portfolio of side-projects is a stronger signal than any resume

471 37 09-20-2021

Good idea or bad?

A platform to find & hire private tutors for adults who want to learn and master key life skill… https://t.co/O25ychc95i

456 25 07-02-2021

Yesterday I received the 2nd biggest personal news of 2021 in the mail

After hopping from visa to visa for 10 yrs… https://t.co/0q5zM1RzgZ

453 1 06-17-2021

A common mistake: Startups don’t invest enough in educating their users on how to get the most value from their products

Which no-code platform or tool has the best “education” content?

432 39 11-03-2021


Starting today, I am taking on the role of a full-time founder & CEO of a new company called Bu… https://t.co/uP0vZflMsq

423 19 11-30-2022

Underrated truth:

Twitter DMs are the actual Linkedin

414 29 06-19-2021
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