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My salary as a software engineer over the years: https://t.co/R5yg66qVAO

9987 895 09-21-2022

Are you a solo developer struggling with design?

Here are 10 free/open-source UI, UX, and design resources to make your life better πŸ§΅πŸ‘‡

2593 696 09-14-2021

A frontend engineer compiling their β€œhello world” app in 2022: https://t.co/4lQEmojmEz

6415 508 09-26-2022

Best career path for developers:

1. Learn to code
2. Do frontend
3. Switch to backend
4. Learn DevOps
5. Do full-stack
6. Build a product
7. Quit job
8. Start a business
9. Get profitable
10. Live a happy life

2402 473 03-24-2022

This app is going to save me so much time https://t.co/iqLLMmLCs2

5020 460 09-27-2022

Are you a web developer?

Here is a list of web development tools that save you HOURS per week:


1500 441 09-15-2021

Man running a website that's probably worth $1M/year in ad revenue but decided not to monetize it in any way.

Resp… https://t.co/5BXdgU4wcW

5120 304 01-28-2023

CSS is easy https://t.co/iKKmI5XLqx

2387 294 04-12-2022

Starting a web developer career in 2022:

1. Software engineering fundamentals
2. JavaScript, HTML, CSS
3. ReactJS or VueJS
4. Tailwind CSS or Bootstrap
5. Git, Linux, servers,
6. NextJS, ExpressJS
7. MySQL or PostgreSQL, Redis
8. GCP, AWS, cloud deploy

Good luck! πŸ’ͺ

1380 285 02-27-2022

What's the best YouTube channel to learn to code?

1264 240 02-19-2022


I'm giving away:

βœ… 1-year of Black Magic sub (worth $191)


πŸ’΅ $191 in CASH! (Paypal)

To participate:
β†’ Follow me
β†’ Reply below which one you want, "cash" or "sub"

Optional: πŸ”„ retweet for an extra entry!!!

1 lucky winner will be picked in 48 hours! https://t.co/0UllU5C5BH

264 233 12-16-2021

I printed my 8 years of coding on GitHub and hang it on my wall https://t.co/8iuwMkeOKk

5296 230 01-31-2023

The Twitter 2FA thing is just so poorly communicated.

Here is how I would do it:

Original: πŸ‘‡ My version:… https://t.co/LrnmuTuZvg

2473 215 02-19-2023

The ultimate combo https://t.co/FrBdTvATcp

1129 178 08-20-2021

HTML β†’ CSS β†’ JS β†’ ReactJS β†’ API β†’ NextJS β†’ Database

This is my current recommended path for learning to code from zero.

Is there a course that covers this entire path?

As of now, I have to recommend a bunch of random courses from various places...

1066 165 11-01-2022

I started a GitHub repo to track all the awesome Black Friday deals πŸ’Έ

PR welcomed! Link below πŸ‘‡ https://t.co/lB8cHf43nQ

1134 158 11-22-2022

How I create a new product in 1 day (JS stack):

- npx create-next-app
- install Tailwind CSS
- use Tailwind UI for all of the frontend
- buy a domain on NameCheap
- design an icon & poster on Photopea
- generate favicon, social meta tags
- Cloudflare pages (frontend)


1153 154 02-08-2022

A screenshot app, but very smart https://t.co/tSgF45cxvp

2047 153 10-10-2022

Build πŸš€ https://t.co/gmA08xo1W1

3723 153 01-01-2023

I have never seen a backend/devops developer "switch career" to do frontend. Only the other way around.

1796 150 03-23-2022
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