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A B2B Product Management Story: on discovering problems that customers actually care about

Very visual story thread👇🏾 https://t.co/SQKpmLtBGC

6833 1915 03-28-2021

Some people who succeed wildly in school don’t achieve their apparent potential in the business world. Some others who do okay (or worse) in school manage to build an extremely successful life. Why is that?

What we learn in school & must unlearn in business & in life:


6357 1444 07-06-2022

Advanced time management principles:

(for senior product managers & leaders)

7940 1363 02-12-2022

Since time immemorial, when a CEO asks a PM at Product Review, “what do you need to 10X users/revenue?”, “what will make you go faster?”, etc the PM steadfastly responds “We need [N] more engineers”. The Eng Mgr nods approvingly.

A story thread, with some hard truths to swallow:

6187 1241 09-21-2021

As they grow in size, teams within megacorps and startups tend to implicitly bias more towards Project Thinking and not enough Product Thinking.

Product Thinking is a mindset and a process that, once you see, you cannot unsee it.

Product Thinking, Project Thinking, a thread: https://t.co/rbY80wTVgE

6139 1240 12-17-2021

A thread of product management frameworks:

(this might be useful if you are a product manager, product leader, or founder)

6176 1160 05-30-2021

Mission: Why

Vision: What

Strategy: How

Segmentation: Who

Positioning: Where

Roadmap: When

8387 1157 11-17-2021

Just a few notes to myself (a driven & ambitious person):

1) Kings are overrated and usually unhappy. It is much b… https://t.co/hj0lAf9OuC

7821 997 02-21-2023

3 types of product leaders:

1) The Operator

2) The Craftsperson

3) The Visionary

It is important for you as a startup founder or CEO, product manager, or a product leader to deeply understand these types, as you make decisions on whom to hire or whom to work for.


3382 630 03-26-2021

At the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the British rowing team unexpectedly won the Men’s Eight Rowing gold medal.

One simple question was instrumental in their success.

“Will it make the boat go faster?”

This question could also be vital for your early-stage team & company.

1/15👇🏾 https://t.co/9Dw60Yn4mT

2641 594 02-27-2021

Corporate life is just repeating this loop until you retire: https://t.co/eWgVtVIOuw

4937 572 05-31-2022

Technique can make you good.

Mindset makes you world-class.


2679 536 07-17-2021

George Bernard Shaw said:

“The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place”

Possibly the most important communication lesson, ever.

3127 529 03-20-2021

How can you evaluate the caliber of people at a company before joining it?

Here are 10 tips:

2929 479 07-03-2021

Moving your team from slides to long form writing is not just a process change. It is first and foremost a culture change.

A writing culture values comprehension over aesthetics, nuance over certainty, clarity over charisma, deliberation over impulse, and rigor over hierarchy.

3391 461 07-30-2021

Over the past 10 years, I’ve had more than 500 chats with talented tech folks about their job change decisions: should I leave my well-paid FAMG job? should I join Stripe, Facebook or Airbnb? how to evaluate this offer? etc

A thread with 8 ideas I’ve often shared in these chats:

2775 454 07-02-2021

How to write docs for busy execs at work:

Short doc (2-3 pgs)

Lead with the gist in 3-4 lines

Structure -
Context (why)
Why it matters (so what)
Proposal (how)
Recommended actions (what next)

Make it flow

Don’t pack everything you know

Footnotes, links, appendix for details

3964 407 10-18-2021

When you start managing someone, use your 1:1s in the first couple of weeks to understand their Context. Most new managers focus solely on Content (projects/goals/blockers). But Context + Content lets you move faster from Rapport to Credibility to Trust.

Example 1:1 questions:

4636 407 11-25-2022

A majority of arguments on Twitter are utterly stupid—they don’t change anyone’s mind, they just make people feel hurt, angry, frustrated.

Twitter should have Canned Replies (CRs)—the perfect reply so we can move on with our lives.

Until then, here are 10 or so CRs you can use:

1869 402 05-17-2022

A thread with 7 high value ideas & habits that took me more than a decade of my career (and dozens of costly mistakes) to learn:

2311 396 08-16-2021
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