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Everybody acting like they’d turn down $20,000,000,000.

7275 692 09-15-2022

Hiring a frontend engineer who's really great at HTML + CSS is surprisingly difficult.

2062 198 06-17-2021

After some 18 months of design, development & regulatory rap battling, @maybe has launched!… https://t.co/u0r5pQnyM7

787 60 01-24-2023

Hi potential investors! I'm Josh, CEO of @maybe. And this is a pitch thread as we're working on raising a $5m seed round!

Interested? DM, josh@maybe.co or 205-470-4803

🧵👇🎉 https://t.co/tyUfGIfGjk

691 145 04-07-2022

Been working with @GrantRudow to finish out a new office space and I'm kind of giddy about it.… https://t.co/SuqzLF5A53

581 15 11-13-2022

Hired! https://t.co/MoEXiJfqWi

533 14 09-12-2021

1/ Despite Baremetrics being the "first-mover" and arguably inventing 1-click SaaS analytics back in 2013, ProfitWell (just sold for $200m!) and ChartMogul (who passed us in revenue early on and will almost certainly sell for 8-9 figures) became much larger.

Why? 🧵👇

412 36 05-25-2022

web3 is like if the designers of Amazon's AWS user permissions created the internet.

411 38 10-05-2021

You've got 6 months to build up a take-home income of $3000/mo. What do you do?

372 39 05-18-2022

Reply with a link to what you’re working on and I’ll say something nice about it.

Building things is hard. You deserve a pat on the back.

358 19 12-19-2022

1/ We're no longer pursuing building @maybe around part-time/fractional employment.

Here's the note I sent to the team last week.

While I'm still bullish on the concept, I no longer believe it can work for *new* product/software companies. At least it didn't for us.

🧵👇🏻 https://t.co/h0SngJwxn3

355 17 09-13-2021

As an old web "veteran", coming up as everyone was figuring out how to make the web, I was turned off by the… https://t.co/s2Ei9thupD

331 13 01-08-2023

I feel like maybe they don't understand what a "pricing page" is... https://t.co/zdGpHuTApk

325 11 07-03-2022

I love the Internet. https://t.co/y5cAHl8L4p

307 6 08-23-2021

I got to Inbox Zero without spending $30/mo on an email app. AMA. https://t.co/aMDC5qmzww

299 0 08-08-2021

We're hiring a frontend engineer who's really great at HTML + CSS. 🙂

https://t.co/iAeC45Cod0 https://t.co/gG2Y0anzT8

275 93 06-17-2021

Real talk. I've got some 50 pounds to lose.

The last ~8 years of life have been incredibly stressful and I've let… https://t.co/dSFAEya4bF

275 3 10-18-2022

Since discovering @fx_hash_ last month, I think I’ve been on @opensea maybe twice.

274 20 01-12-2022

I want a service where I can click a button, pay $50-100, and be immediately connected with a seasoned engineer who… https://t.co/kSd4FSWESY

273 7 12-29-2021

Any interest in a monthly-updated expenses breakdown for @maybe?

Would likely just live on the Maybe marketing sit… https://t.co/TbeRh5F3yF

262 11 06-09-2022
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