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Everybody acting like they’d turn down $20,000,000,000.

7275 692 09-15-2022

Hiring a frontend engineer who's really great at HTML + CSS is surprisingly difficult.

2062 198 06-17-2021

Hi potential investors! I'm Josh, CEO of @maybe. And this is a pitch thread as we're working on raising a $5m seed round!

Interested? DM, josh@maybe.co or 205-470-4803

🧵👇🎉 https://t.co/tyUfGIfGjk

691 145 04-07-2022

We're hiring a frontend engineer who's really great at HTML + CSS. 🙂

https://t.co/iAeC45Cod0 https://t.co/gG2Y0anzT8

275 93 06-17-2021

After some 18 months of design, development & regulatory rap battling, @maybe has launched!… https://t.co/u0r5pQnyM7

787 60 01-24-2023

At @maybe we’re democratizing personal finance & wealth management. And just like you should have access to tools to build your wealth, you should have access to invest in companies you believe in!


Retweet this for a chance to win a lifetime account!

37 47 06-24-2021

If you're into @fx_hash_, I built a thing to track your fxhash portfolio!


212 42 12-26-2021

Come work at @maybe as a Full Stack Engineer!

* Work anywhere on 🌎
* No meetings
* We value craft over company
* Set your own hours (as in, how much you want to work...period)
* $100/hr, increasing to $125/hr after 6 mo's (up to $175k your first year)


229 40 07-06-2021

Owning a @Tesla the past year hasn't been the magical experience I'd hoped it'd be...

/insert the requisite #firstworldproblems hashtag — I'm venting.

For reference: 2021 Model X (pre-refresh) https://t.co/wpe381hZps

207 39 01-18-2022

You've got 6 months to build up a take-home income of $3000/mo. What do you do?

372 39 05-18-2022

web3 is like if the designers of Amazon's AWS user permissions created the internet.

411 38 10-05-2021

1/ Despite Baremetrics being the "first-mover" and arguably inventing 1-click SaaS analytics back in 2013, ProfitWell (just sold for $200m!) and ChartMogul (who passed us in revenue early on and will almost certainly sell for 8-9 figures) became much larger.

Why? 🧵👇

412 36 05-25-2022

There's SO much great stuff on @fx_hash_, but w/ dozens of new projects coming out every single day, it's easy for past stuff to get lost in the mix and never mint out!

So, starting an ongoing thread of projects I love that, at the time of posting, are still available to mint!

179 26 01-19-2022

Sweet beard of Zeus, this blew up!

If you’re really great at HTML + CSS, we’re hiring!


94 24 06-18-2021

I honestly get giddy at how low tezos gas fees are. https://t.co/pxVauToutG

176 24 12-20-2021

Let's do a little giveaway of my Fractional: Iridescence collection.


Winner picks any unsold item from the series.

RT to enter and this evening I'll pick someone.

11 21 10-01-2021

Made a little iOS wallpaper shortcut for @fx_hash_!

It randomly pulls an image from your fxhash collection for you to use as your wallpaper on iOS!

https://t.co/IIX4YtAb8R https://t.co/deiJCJgtSg

77 21 01-21-2022

Since discovering @fx_hash_ last month, I think I’ve been on @opensea maybe twice.

274 20 01-12-2022

Reply with a link to what you’re working on and I’ll say something nice about it.

Building things is hard. You deserve a pat on the back.

358 19 12-19-2022

If you put anything out into the world that previously hasn't existed, you're amazing.

The vast majority of the wo… https://t.co/91eLjMO7Y1

94 18 01-03-2023
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