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Hot take: Everyone is wrong about the Metaverse.

here's my 3 part theory..

31533 11060 10-29-2021

If you're out of the loop - this is the (hilarious) story of a subreddit (wall street bets) taking down a multi-billion dollar hedge fund... get your popcorn ready 🍿

32476 8771 01-26-2021

Here's the 30 second summary of the FTX drama that is blowing up in crypto.

1/ How FTX (a multi billion dollar co) almost died overnight

2/ And why this is a god tier strategic move by @cz_binance

17169 4177 11-08-2022

So... everyone seems to think clubhouse is the "next big thing" - but I think it's going to fail.

Here's how I think it all goes down..

18509 3652 03-16-2021

Elon Clubhouse summary for those who are locked out:

8619 2397 02-01-2021

10K RTs and I'll buy this billboard near the hedge fund managers $44M vacation home in Miami

as a thank you to r/wsb for the free $$$ monies today💸 https://t.co/RrttTJCJF9 https://t.co/LiCDLcLt7X

1949 1335 01-27-2021

This year I learned that there is no"smart money"

A16z, Sequioa, Chamath, Tiger, Tribe Capital, Coatue, Softbank, Paradigm, Ark, 3AC, Alameda, FTX, etc..

all made terrible financial decisions, at huge size.

and yet - most will get richer.

9572 1251 11-09-2022

Don't start with learning.

Start with doing....and learn when you get stuck.

There, I fixed education.

6807 1166 04-16-2022

Whitney Wolfe -

* the hustler behind Tinder's early growth
* got harassed, stripped of her cofounder title, left the co
* created Bumble, a rival version of Tinder for women
* took it public
* became a billionaire at 31
* celebrated the IPO while holding her kid

winning!! https://t.co/Ep0dxvFHUG

5561 1058 02-11-2021

The ancient struggle was not having enough.

The modern struggle is having too much.

Too much news, too much sugar, too much of everything at your fingertips..There's only 1 way out.

4476 965 01-31-2021

how to not f*ck up relationships (in business & life)

4951 937 08-22-2021

If you invested $1k ten years ago:

Google: $6k
Facebook: $9k
Amazon: $22k
Netflix: $34k
Tesla: $159k
Bitcoin: $237M

Which one would you invest $1k in to hold for the next 10 years?

5883 934 12-15-2020

10 years ago, Netflix spent $0 on original content.

This year:

Netflix: $11B
Apple: $6B
Disney: $1B
+ amazon, hulu HBO etc.

Here's a crazy startup idea to take a swing at this $20B+ content piñata. 👇 Here's a quick business plan 🤔

5556 878 01-14-2021

I used to think "billionaires going to space" was some kinda thing-swinging-contest.

But check this out.

Back in 2000, he says "if I could do anything, I'd want to explore space....maybe in 20 years the tech would be ready"

21 years later. He got went to space today! https://t.co/YANyDn86m1

3948 858 07-20-2021

Part III - What it is

The metaverse is the moment in time where our digital life is worth more to us than our phsyical life.

This is not an overnight change. Or an invention by some steve jobs type.

It's a gradual change that's been happening for 20 yrs

5625 852 10-29-2021

The best startups do what your parents told you NOT to do:

* Don't get into a stranger's car --> @Uber
* Don't sleep in a stranger's house --> @Airbnb
* Don't talk to strangers --> @Tinder
* Don't play video games all day --> @Twitch
* Don't be lazy --> @Doordash

3955 825 02-01-2021

Wow. Parler just became the #1 app on the App Store. “Unbiased Social Media” is basically a giant 🖕to Twitter and Facebook https://t.co/gAMNZxVyfE

4866 797 11-08-2020

Wow. Someone asked Elon Musk: "what encouraging words do you have for people who want to do a startup?"

His answer: If you need words of encouragement, don't do a startup.


6922 775 08-03-2021

to be clear. This has nothing to do with gamestop as a business. They are just a piece of rope being used in a tug of war between internet nerds and wall st suits.

the rally cry on r/wallstreet bets:

"we can remain retarded for longer than they can stay solvent!"

9788 770 01-26-2021

A few semi-controversial things I believe 👇

4874 759 02-24-2021
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