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Some of the best creative resumes/CVs I've ever seen

A thread 🧵

4441 1131 12-14-2021

Twitter is not the only place to learn about startups.

Here's a thread of some of the gems I found on Reddit 🧵

3409 805 10-02-2021

No matter what you post online, someone on the internet won't like it

1595 537 12-16-2021

this is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen https://t.co/zfFM8f2u3A

5535 514 06-23-2022

LinkedIn Influencers starter pack 😂 https://t.co/n7ea9FKzCH

2054 503 10-17-2021

At some point, you gotta stop reading a lot of frameworks, mental models, self-help books and just execute.

3108 387 01-16-2022

RIP to the opportunities we missed because of 80% attendance rule in college

4339 352 02-08-2022

❤️ https://t.co/vyiQ4abZLK

1469 262 02-24-2022

The CEO of twitter, along with his team, spent hours putting together a thread and Elon Musk literally shit on it.

im NEVER deleting this app

3715 252 05-16-2022

no college student has all three:
- remote job
- good grades
- social life

3748 252 06-02-2022

Elon should buy Instagram and delete reels

3500 226 04-17-2022

this aged well https://t.co/XN95wiIExl

4111 225 12-25-2022

Adidas announces partnership with Coinbase

Disney is planning to create its own metaverse

Nike has purchased land in Roblox to create a digital "NikeLand"

Pepsi is entering web3 with the launch of Pepsi Mic Drop (NFT collection)

Probably nothing 👀

1882 221 12-13-2021

Woah, this is great!!!

Source: Google year in search 2021 https://t.co/vg4SdFx8Wq

1746 210 12-23-2021

Invest in health > Invest in Career and relationship > Invest in books/Courses > Invest in Stocks/ Crypto

1500 176 09-26-2021

Most people who criticise startups and founders have never built anything themselves.

1661 158 11-11-2021

Simple, actionable advice on how to write clearly. Great stuff from Edward T. Thompson https://t.co/Ht0CuXkvkG

769 142 10-21-2022

Solid marketing effort 🔥 https://t.co/5pahkqvsIH

1413 131 09-30-2021

I've so many startup, MBA, Web3, etc resources bookmarked

Reply below what do you wanna learn and I'll share some resources to help you get started

1236 131 09-23-2021

Parag Agrawal has already gotten an email to apply for the role of SDE-2 at Amazon.

3887 122 10-28-2022
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