Exploring my curiosity and sharing what I learn along the way. Gave up a grand slam on ESPN in 2012 and still waiting for it to land.


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I can’t stop laughing at this. https://t.co/kPqXrGYE5S

420927 62403 01-18-2023

Today is my 32nd birthday.

Over the last month, I asked several 90-year-olds what advice they would give to their 32-year-old selves.

Here's the life advice everyone needs to hear:

123995 27431 01-05-2023

Ok, my brain hurts.https://t.co/xNaNdwrZut

88451 25825 09-06-2022

Researchers studied the effects of a 20-minute walk on the cognitive performance of a group of children.

This is fascinating… https://t.co/RwLo9CDthi

187790 25089 12-01-2022

The outtakes of NASA astronauts trying to walk on the moon are amazing. https://t.co/MVviyifDQF

146944 24222 09-07-2022

I recently came across data on who we spend our time with over the course of our lives.

The insights are simultaneously inspiring and depressing.

Here are 6 graphs everyone needs to see:

73578 23070 11-12-2022

A “razor” is a rule of thumb that simplifies decision making.

The most powerful razors I’ve found:

98222 20643 07-17-2022

The most powerful paradoxes of life:

66358 20308 11-21-2021

How to Win (without talent or luck):

37392 10601 10-16-2021

In summary:

(1) Family time is limited—cherish it.

(2) Friend time is limited—prioritize real ones.

(3) Partner time is significant—never settle.

(4) Children time is precious—be present.

(5) Coworker time is significant—find energy.

(6) Alone time is highest—love yourself. https://t.co/uUs3oAjLCx

35640 9894 11-12-2022

Soooo…Spanx was valued at $1.2 billion in its recent deal, and Sara Blakely did something special to celebrate her team.

Absolute legend. https://t.co/FN0HynYZTM

55383 9829 10-23-2021

With the rapid deterioration of the Russia/Ukraine situation, you’re going to hear a lot about SWIFT in the coming days…

Here’s a quick breakdown of what it is and why it matters:

32358 9379 02-24-2022

How to make new habits stick.

The Two-Day Rule: https://t.co/RHLyLgzISW

70973 9104 12-20-2022

The IKEA Marriage Test

Before you marry someone, go to IKEA together and a buy a piece of furniture.

Bring it home and build it.

If you can successfully navigate that entire process without wanting to kill each other, you’re ready to get married. https://t.co/Z53uOUX8JX

63766 8612 10-22-2022

11 harsh truths that changed my life (and may change yours):

29693 8053 04-10-2022

I recently found out I'm going to be a father.

Here are the principles I want to teach my child to live by:

37599 7886 12-04-2021

23 lies you've been told about the world:

25018 7772 06-18-2022

The days are long but the years are short. https://t.co/GJe9syKJI1

33684 7742 01-25-2023

The most powerful ideas in life:

22063 6723 01-15-2022

21 lessons learned in 2021:

24101 6668 12-18-2021
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