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After more than 1,000 board meetings at Microsoft, Airbnb, LinkedIn, PayPal, and more...

I've learned that effective boards don't happen by accident.

Here are 8 rituals of the world's best boards: 👇

4897 1060 11-18-2021

Inspired by @Lin_Manuel, I produced a battle rap music video about centralized and decentralized currencies, pitting Alexander Hamilton against Satoshi Nakamoto.

Watch the full video: 👉 https://t.co/DtLMzQQWyR

Trailer below. https://t.co/O0U0853e0b

2298 716 09-05-2019

Changing the way the world works. Amplifying the path forward! @jeffweiner and Satya Nadella https://t.co/viHN0FkjiL

898 670 06-13-2016

VCs must hold the same moral position to entrepreneurs as manager/employee or professor/student #DecencyPledge

1411 663 06-23-2017

Immigration is pure entrepreneurship. You leave behind everything familiar to start somewhere new. You must acquire skills. You will have to improvise on occasion. It’s a bold proposition.

3396 588 09-27-2022

I believe starting a company is like jumping off a cliff and assembling a plane on the way down -- your willingness to jump is your most valuable asset as an entrepreneur.

3459 524 01-12-2022

As important as it is to never forget the terror attack that took place a year ago today on our Capitol, it's equally important to remember that Donald Trump's War on Democracy neither started nor ended on 01/06/20.

2962 498 01-06-2022

Not surprised to see Trump's attacks on @elonmusk. Elon's a classic 🇺🇸 immigrant story - an entrepreneur with a real record of success. Started EV revolution w/Tesla, resurrected US rocket industry w/SpaceX, fighting climate change while promoting American innovation.

5608 464 07-13-2022

“Starbucks is not profit-driven. Starbucks is values-driven, and as a result of those values, we have become very profitable.” —Howard Schultz, Starbucks


1112 434 03-09-2018

A 26-year-old Marine Corps Vet has a plan to liberate Trump’s tax returns (on @Crowdpac): https://t.co/6GukaY0ih6

548 405 09-12-2016

It falls to us to stand with you, to speak out, and to act. #DecencyPledge https://t.co/shM53FfUVZ

604 298 06-23-2017

You may have heard me say: If you're not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you've launched too late

623 290 03-29-2017

Blitzscaling your company isn’t easy; if it were, everyone would do it. Like most things of value in this world, blitzscaling is contrarian and unique.

824 269 10-10-2018

5 takeaways for serial entrepreneurs from my conversation with @ev:

1. Bet on the way the world is moving.
2. Start from where you are.
3. Don’t worry about a wipeout.
4. Persevere. And position yourself for luck.
5. Don’t derail your own destiny.


612 255 02-21-2018

So many special moments in yesterday's #MastersofScaleSummit, but a surprise conversation with @Arobichaux and Prince Harry about @Betterup's mission to democratize coaching was an incredible way to wrap up the day.

795 222 10-20-2022

Inspired by the potential of DALL•E and NFTs — and the possibilities that they unleash together — my team and I have created a number of small image collections that we'll be tokenizing as NFTs.

The first collection debuts on Magic Eden today.

Here's why I'm experimenting:

1345 210 07-21-2022

“Hire like your life depends on it. It does.”

That’s 1 of 10 Commandments for Startup Success, this week on @MastersofScale

428 191 07-07-2017

I believe every business is an experiment. For the experiment to succeed, you need to test your hypothesis, measure the results, and follow where they lead.

992 191 04-29-2022

Never enough time? Here's a framework that I use to manage my time well and be a strong collaborator https://t.co/ARYbnbiUWH

371 185 04-09-2016

Help Reid Hoffman get more signatures - 98824 still needed! https://t.co/udxXjV5ZLm

366 182 11-22-2017
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