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In my opinion, Indian’s Prime Minister Modi is one of the best, if not the best, leaders in the world. I had an opportunity to explore with him how he thinks as well as what he thinks. If you’re interested in listening to it, here it is:


15049 5321 11-07-2019

History shows us that when great empires fall, they generally fall for similar reasons. (1/3) https://t.co/aJ2TdAJJDM

14138 3432 04-19-2022

In 1971 when I was a young clerk on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, the United States ran out of money and defaulted on its debts. That's right, the US ran out of money. (1/6) https://t.co/2nTUFAgCfl

9085 2459 06-16-2022

My below piece “The World Has Gone Mad and the System is Broken” explains some of the crazy things that are happening, why they are happening and why I believe that they are unsustainable. I’d be interested in knowing what you think about them. https://t.co/daUdsw0XLy

6061 2140 11-05-2019

I am writing this to clarify what I think of Bitcoin. https://t.co/l1NHOlRgoM

9517 2134 01-29-2021

Today is a very special day for me and Bridgewater Associates because I transitioned my control of Bridgewater to the next generation and I feel great about the people and "machine" now in control. This transition moment is the culmination of a 47-year journey (1/11)

13326 1348 10-04-2022

For reasons explained at length in my book & briefly in this new animated video, the world order is changing in ways that haven't happened in our lifetime before but have happened many times in history and I want to I convey that picture to you. https://t.co/F6A6ny813i (1/3)

4952 1260 03-07-2022

Investors and Policymakers: Heed the Lesson Of the UK's Fiscal Blunder. (1/5)

4644 1226 09-27-2022

If you don’t mind being wrong on the way to being right you’ll learn a lot—and increase your effectiveness. But if you can’t tolerate being wrong, you won’t grow, you’ll make yourself and everyone around you miserable ...

3574 1133 12-22-2018

A number of people have asked me to explain what’s now going on in the markets and economy. If you're interested, I share some of my thinking here: https://t.co/6uciH4gglk

3095 1124 12-26-2018

It is with great pain that I am sharing with you that my 42 year old son was killed in a car crash yesterday. My family and I are mourning and processing and would prefer to be incommunicado for the time being.

37369 1008 12-19-2020

As John Maynard Keynes is credited with saying: “When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?” Along these lines, the facts have changed and I’ve changed my mind about cash as an asset: I no longer think cash is trash. (1/2)

7131 989 10-03-2022

What’s now happening with money and credit has never happened in our lifetime before, but has happened many times before that. I want to give you that historical perspective. It’s coming in the next edition in my series “The Changing World Order”.

6309 872 04-10-2020

The Wall Street Journal wrote an article that said “Bridgewater Bets Big on Market Drop.” It’s wrong. I want to make clear that we don’t have any such net bet that the stock market will fall.

3480 863 11-22-2019

If you’re interested in learning what I’m offering you about principles and how the world is unfolding in light of them, you can find out here: https://t.co/6DkbGiZ9Dw

4640 860 07-29-2019

Right on, Elon! It’s so obviously correct that we should be assessing what is true on the basis of evidence, yet most people don’t. Research has shown that they start with their conclusion and pick the evidence to fit it. That makes us live in a dangerously delusional world. https://t.co/zqimrmJPzj

4538 793 08-27-2020

I always try to share my most complete and accurate view but the media often takes parts of what I say out of context to create sensational headlines like they did yesterday. Please watch and share this clip or view my full TED conversation here: https://t.co/oJaohhZdQZ

2203 772 04-09-2020

Open-minded people seek to learn by asking questions; they realize how little they know in relation to what there is to know and recognize that they might be wrong; they are thrilled to be around people who know more than they do because it represents an opportunity to learn. https://t.co/IU6wFclju7

2064 743 01-12-2019

I believe that the Russian-Ukrainian war is just the first battle in a long war for control of the world order. It is very important because it will tell us how powerful the sides are in a number of ways and how the sides are lining up. (1/2)

4672 739 04-11-2022

Looking around today, it’s pretty obvious the world is changing. To help me understand what was happening, I looked back at history and saw the same patterns happen again and again. I’m now releasing this study in a new #book, Principles for Dealing with the Changing World Order https://t.co/iVmCenWbHG

2900 669 12-01-2021
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