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It's remarkable how many people who've never run any kind of company think they know how to run a tech company better than someone who's run Tesla and SpaceX.

43668 4583 11-16-2022

Some of the stealth edits that Vox made to its article debunking "conspiracy theories" that Covid-19 originated in a lab leak between its original publication in March 2020 and now. https://t.co/RYxZ2B81mc

11004 3262 05-24-2021

No one realized it at the time, but the accident at Three Mile Island cost thousands of lives. Not directly, but by making nuclear power unpopular in the US, and thus causing us to switch to more dangerous power sources. https://t.co/vXM9EQ2O22

27234 3240 11-28-2022

I used to think <person> was smart. Then I discovered that he disagrees with me about <political issue>, and I real… https://t.co/ghnkxg8Mz5

28753 3189 12-17-2022

I never ask this, but I'm asking now: Please retweet this.

Texas plans to kill Melissa Lucio in four days. Five jurors say evidence was withheld from them. A bipartisan majority of the Texas legislature favors clemency. Why are you waiting, @GovAbbott?


3336 2923 04-23-2022

A company asked why it was so hard to hire a good writer. I told them it was because good writing is an illusion: what people call good writing is actually good thinking, and of course good thinkers are rare.

19360 2876 07-31-2022

"Cancelling student debt" is a misnomer. All that money still got spent. The only thing that changes is who pays. What "cancelling student debt" really means is that people who don't have student debt pay off the debt of those who do.

21134 2749 04-05-2022

This was funded by a group started by three rich Americans who became concerned about climate change after their houses in Malibu were threatened by wildfires in 2018. I'm not making this up. https://t.co/iEF9JJUMri

18281 2707 10-14-2022

You can't replace reading with other sources of information like videos, because you need to read in order to write well, and you need to write in order to think well.

10058 2057 11-16-2021

NFTs can be used for so many different things that you're inviting history to make a fool of you if you dismiss them. Even if I were sure that most current uses of NFTs were bogus, I'd never dare to say that all possible uses were.

12367 1995 02-06-2022

According to a new study by David Rozado, there has been a big increase in news headlines suggesting fear, anger, disgust, and sadness since 2000, and especially since about 2010. Journalists are pushing your buttons. https://t.co/Sg3QTNbdSz

7554 1978 10-20-2022

One of the most dangerous trends I've noticed in the last decade is the increasing tendency to believe that if someone disagrees with your political opinions, they're not merely mistaken, but evil.

10660 1784 07-28-2021

@elonmusk That is in fact what has happened. Since the 90s the right has moved a little further right, but the left has moved a lot further left. https://t.co/ZzsiCpFguM

19352 1701 04-29-2022

Not even aesthetics, but mere uniformity. Managers drive changes like this, not artists. https://t.co/3rYDPtnmwB

10429 1644 08-01-2021

The most dangerous thing about carrying a cell phone everywhere is that you're never bored. Boredom, like pain, is a signal.

11312 1593 05-30-2021

There are 18 Nigerian startups in the current YC batch. That's at least 80 founders per year. Think how powerful the Nigerian YC alumni network will be in 10 years. And it will almost certainly be a force for good, because they'll all have been making something people want.

6097 1531 03-29-2022

What's happening in India right now is really alarming. https://t.co/oIMUoSp4kx

5670 1445 04-21-2021

If you think people have scar tissue, you should see organizations. Each time there's a disaster, they create a process to prevent future disasters of that type. Eventually they accrete a thick layer of these processes that prevents them from moving. Then they die.

12441 1371 08-22-2022

If you think you don't trust scientists, you're mistaken. You trust scientists in a million different ways every time you step on a plane, or for that matter turn on your tap or open a can of beans. The fact that you're unaware of this doesn't mean it's not so.

8656 1316 07-26-2021

The striking thing about the reaction to ChatGPT is not just the number of people who are blown away by it, but who… https://t.co/IHXQprcKb8

11796 1316 12-02-2022
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