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Final numbers for #ElectionDay 

231,556,622 eligible voters

25.6% voted Clinton
25.5% voted Trump

2678 3331 11-09-2016

My family & I, & 1000s of Soviet Jews like us came to US as refugees in '91 running from regime that persecuted us because of who we were.

2152 803 01-29-2017

What is happening in Indiana is pretty unbelievable. However it’s dressed up, it’s a signal that discrimination is welcome in this state.

659 744 03-26-2015

Single best criterion for choosing a co-founder: someone you want to impress, every day. Same goes for choosing a spouse.

598 609 05-02-2012

Obvious, but worth making explicit: next to many CEOs is their spouse/partner, playing an unpaid board member, HR head, strategy consultant, or exec coach, responsible for 50%+ of success, receiving very little recognition. In my case, it’s much more than 50 — thanks to @nlevchin

3038 541 12-13-2017

The ultimate startup chronicle book I’d love to read is one filled with honest, raw interviews of 50+ founders of _failed_ startups, truthfully describing what lead to their company’s failure. It would likely be painful to read, but you’d learn an insane amount.

3756 508 09-20-2019

"over half of the nation’s startup companies valued at $1 billion or more were founded by immigrants" https://t.co/MQa7tyYZ3h

561 506 03-18-2016

Blocking H1-B visa processing, banning countries entirely & removing protections for employees makes Canada look really attractive for tech

1103 429 03-07-2017

Please follow @AuschwitzMuseum. Their tweets give faces and names to the victims imprisoned, and murdered there. It’s painful to read, but it’s important we are all reminded what normalization of hate looks like. It could happen again, and it must not.

1491 394 01-01-2020

Being a startup CEO feels a lot like pinball machine. On good days, you move the flaps to keep the ball up. On bad days, you are the ball.

511 372 07-17-2015

The consequences of taxing of options at time of vesting to innovation in the US would be truly devastating. Draining cash out of unprofitable startups will just cause them to leave.

Call/email your Congressperson and demand this is struck down. https://t.co/c2MGK02VAE

549 366 11-12-2017

There are countless bad actors in the finance industry & the CFPB has helped protect millions of consumers. Having served the last two years on the CFPB Consumer Advisory Board, I have found the agency & it’s leadership to be professional, thoughtful & measured in its work. https://t.co/INXv0KOvSw

1176 349 11-26-2017

I’m looking for 200+ people who are passionate about improving people’s lives through honest finance to join @Affirm this year. Help me spread the word by RT https://t.co/etV23qYYZp

607 252 02-02-2018

As much as one wants to power-think through hard problems, often stepping away temporarily is effective. Didn't really believe that before.

885 247 07-17-2017

I try to keep out of politics generally, but having spent the first 16 years of my life in the then-socialist paradise, this rings true: https://t.co/x1fm6VDlRU. The poor do matter, and it's on all of us to improve income inequality, but socialism is _not_ the way.

924 220 01-27-2019

As an immigrant & entrepreneur that has created tens of thousands of jobs here in the U.S. I am beyond disappointed in this decision https://t.co/VLJzgzdSJO

516 211 07-10-2017

Margaret Hamilton, lead soft eng of Apollo Project stands next to code she wrote by hand that was used to take humanity to the moon (1969) https://t.co/WH7vhlkkip

466 199 06-11-2017

Turning away skilled, driven, creative folks offering to work extra hard for their shot at the American dream is going to send them off to other economies, similarly in need of such talents for their own post-COVID recovery efforts. H-1B holders result in net job creation.

1209 196 06-23-2020

This might be the time to close the markets for a week or two (we did that after 9/11). Get everyone’s minds to focus on social distancing, expanding testing capacity, vaccine finding... instead of worrying about the utter collapse of their 401(k).

1711 190 03-16-2020

Loved the Imitation Game — celebrating Turing’s many amazing achievements. http://t.co/5VLPHqLEdg

545 182 01-01-2015
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