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Has anyone built the opposite of code linters? Instead of only telling me all the stuff I did wrong, tell me all the stuff I did right so I'm excited to keep going :D.

1785 180 06-25-2020

Preview of the expanded color system coming to Bootstrap v5! Sass unfortunately makes this a very manual process because we cannot dynamically generate variables (sidenote: no classes planned for all these, just variables).


561 113 10-19-2019

Nearly three years of personal open source work and energy has gone into this thing. Words cannot express how happy I am that it’s out. Now, on to v4.1! https://t.co/XgpZzzDNoY

671 104 01-18-2018

For the first time ever, @GitHub has put a banner on nearly every page of our site for US-based users and logged out visitors. Proud that it's for something as important as #netneutrality. https://t.co/1A8suMVmHz https://t.co/grlRr05u9i

356 96 12-05-2017

Look out world, gradients about to make a comeback. https://t.co/efchJnnOr2

490 93 10-19-2017

Hate this trend of separately showing the email/username and password fields with an extra button click between just to sign in.

323 69 03-06-2018

Hey friends—wanted to share something. On Dec 5, I had a massive heart attack that put me in the hospital for two weeks. The first week I was in a medically induced coma in the ICU, frozen Han Solo style to preserve my mind and body. No one knew if I’d still be me when I woke up.

2026 49 01-19-2022

Anyone else wishing VS Code went this direction for their Big Sur icon update? Threw it together in Figma over the weekend. Too many apps on white squares now. https://t.co/OpZ06gtioH

1427 44 04-05-2021

Over a year and half later, here's that blog post on how we shipped system fonts to https://t.co/eRIXyoa8Qa. Better late (and still a little incomplete) than never! https://t.co/bWdnbZGjU3

169 44 02-07-2018

🚢 Shipped Code Guide v4 today with a new logo, refreshed design, and modernized some HTML and CSS rules. Have a read and let me know what else should be added—I’m sure there’s tons missing. Thinking a JS section would be a fun update.


227 44 05-26-2022

🎉 https://t.co/3APKvj3ybJ

252 36 06-16-2020

Hey design friends! @GitHub is looking for a new Creative Director to help lead our amazing team of illustrators, animators, graphic designers, and more! Read more at the link below or DM me :D.


44 35 10-04-2019

Six years @GitHub this week. 😻

759 30 10-25-2018

A startup I’m advising is in need of a strong iOS developer to help build and ship their app, from TestFlight to App Store. DMs are open if you’re interested!

52 27 09-04-2021

Very happy about getting this release and updated homepage out. Looking at v5 alpha next pending any showstoppers in v4.5! https://t.co/FxROS3hPA6

122 26 05-12-2020

CSS fam—which is better? Better could be faster rendering, higher gzip compression, etc. https://t.co/aY6BDOqK5a

136 24 07-08-2018

We’re hiring another web designer on the @githubdesign team! Come design, build, and ship amazing projects like our Octoverse report, marketing sites, event sites, Explore, and more!


64 24 12-05-2017

Webflow’s aesthetic continues to impress with their 2018 trends page: https://t.co/vfjIo4sDp5.

116 23 04-18-2018

GitSupreme or SupremeHub? https://t.co/8t9ppiz6nZ

293 23 02-12-2018

Been exploring tons of monospace fonts lately, so mentioning my top five or so here. What are your favorites?

294 23 01-03-2023
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