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There should be a code of ethics for frontend devs where we all agree to never disable paste on form inputs

2325 260 11-23-2022

Rxjs is just plain unnecessary for frontend apart from a few specialized data streaming/fetching scenarios. It is a great tool but one that is overkill for 99% of frontend work.

619 45 09-20-2022

A simple way to start working on a codebase that is new to you and to keep everyone happy is to relentlessly follow all existing conventions and code structure even if you don't like/understand it. The absolute worst thing you can do? Start to refactor or deviate

249 43 12-18-2021

Built with @capacitorjs! Pretty awesome stuff @iota team, best of luck with the launch 🚀 https://t.co/eSHNuFRQmF

158 26 11-03-2021

We've been seeing a lot more people building native iOS and Android apps using @nextjs by @vercel and @capacitorjs

If this interests you, we published a blog and example app to help you get started!


173 26 02-23-2022

New Ionic E2E tool running a test on Android with a single command and zero configuration required by the developer.

Same test runs on iOS and Web w/ zero modification. Still working on swipe simulation smoothness and avoiding full page reloads but it's coming along! https://t.co/mjP8c90jbQ

109 24 12-02-2021

Okay everyone you can stop replying to tweets about lack of iOS browser choice saying "bUT yOU yoU CaN InsTall OTHEr brOwseRS"

Because every browser on iOS is Safari/WebKit under the hood.


169 24 01-26-2022

Ionic's vision is the web running everywhere, with full access to native APIs, and competing with the best native experiences on all platforms.

Truly cross-platform apps built with a single codebase, using any web technology stack, and based fully on web standards ✌

161 23 08-27-2021

We've got a new opening @Ionicframework for a Senior Product Manager focused on Ionic Framework and @stenciljs!

This is a big opportunity for a technically-minded PM to help expand both the open source projects and the enterprise products around them:


48 23 03-17-2021

New post:

"Ionic isn't Cordova Anymore"


93 22 05-27-2021

Ionic passed a huge milestone recently: 100 employees.

Back when @benjsperry and I started @Ionicframework I never could have imagined we'd be here one day.

Thank you to every team member/family member/user/customer/advisor/investor/friend that helped make this a reality!

285 22 07-21-2022

I don't know how you can be a programmer if you aren't inherently optimistic. None of this shit ever Just Works and yet you know you'll figure it out eventually

164 20 01-18-2022

I just published way too long of a blog post answering every burning @capacitorjs question. From such great hits as… https://t.co/7o1U6gkE6H

77 19 02-10-2023

The new @capacitorjs migrate command is *fantastic*. Automatic upgrading from v3 to v4! 🎉 https://t.co/FUFWRV7pfg

85 18 10-02-2022

We're looking for feedback on the future of @Ionicframework's UI and frontend toolkit roadmap.

We'd love your thoughts on where we should take things!


23 17 08-30-2021

This is awesome: 110+ smart Figma components for @Ionicframework https://t.co/IvBWhEl06M

70 17 04-01-2021

It's preposterous that Apple doesn't allow any browser engines except WebKit on iOS

229 17 05-23-2022

So I guess @Ionicframework and @capacitorjs are becoming very widely used in the fast food/restaurant industry 😋

Burger King, Panda Express, Raising Canes, Tim Hortons, Cracker Barrel, TGI Fridays, Popeyes, Habib's (brazil), Freddy's...all apps built on the Ionic stack! 🤯 🍔

197 16 05-17-2021

I now assume Tesla fanatics either own a lot of $TSLA or have never driven any other EV

203 16 11-30-2022

Beginner programmers would be shocked at how often senior programmers google even basic things.

It's often just faster to mindlessly google something than to expend mental energy remembering an API when your brain is already full thinking about something higher level

132 15 10-12-2021
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