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This is pretty mind-blowing: a podcast that is entirely generated by artificial intelligence where Joe Rogan interviews Steve Jobs.


8304 1602 10-11-2022

Software is eating the world. https://t.co/BpYMiZ057T

914 1186 08-13-2016

If you're ever criticized for making something new, remember someone told the founder of Dropbox that it could be trivially built with FTP. https://t.co/R9gMCh6n5p

769 460 12-06-2016

It's fascinating what's happening on the Midjourney Discord forums. Here's some highlights:

1928 419 08-22-2022

Advice for SAAS founders:

1. Make sure you are a survivor. SAAS compounds, but it takes ages. The winners are the survivors. The simplest way is to be cash-flow positive.

2. Have fun. It will take a decade to get anywhere. You have to enjoy the ride.

1131 241 03-12-2019


1181 149 08-23-2022

A comic book. https://t.co/x7g9DfCfiD

2200 144 08-22-2022

Do you feel lost?

Try creating. Could be code, companies, art, people.

Creation brings meaning because it's what we were made to do.

1037 135 05-28-2021

Hear me out... onlyfans, but for venture capitalists.

1412 125 02-03-2021

Beautiful. https://t.co/tCOR6L7ofc

166 125 08-23-2017

Excited to launch https://t.co/GqOfL8KaJA !

Our goal with this handbook is to set a new standard for great management—and to help as many people as possible to get there.

890 122 03-03-2020

kneeling cat knight, portrait, finely detailed armor, intricate design, silver, silk, cinematic lighting, 4k, --ar 9:16 --beta --upbeta https://t.co/iOkzZjA8tS

860 102 08-23-2022

Quick tip: Add a '1s' after 'github' in any repo url to preview it in VS code.


307 97 02-09-2021

Your manager can make or break your experience at a company; it's crucial to get it right.

This is the first part in our series on how we do management at Clearbit.


623 83 07-31-2019

How much does it cost to create a SAAS startup?

I have spent $45,000 so far building @reflectnotes.

Here's the breakdown:

875 80 07-12-2021

Selfie at the french revolution. https://t.co/eMnLfE5lJ6

817 80 08-23-2022

Fun fact, you can type https://t.co/otej2mdBFs into the URL bar to create a new Google Doc.

278 76 04-02-2019

From a new favorite blog (https://t.co/AsPVMvbBJT): You can't win. https://t.co/oSXpW37zdA

700 74 11-26-2021

Bootstrapping in 2021:

1. Setup LLC with Stripe Atlas, bank with Mercury
2. Loan the company $50 - $100k
3. Offer annual-only subscriptions for 4 months (for cashflow)
4. Once > $100k in annual rev, move to monthly plans and sell mrr on https://t.co/0jS0GovNZi
5. Profitable!

1091 68 11-04-2021

It's happening! SQLite in the browser.

Next will be server sync...


621 66 10-28-2022
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