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I’ve spent 1500+ hours learning about cognitive biases and heuristics (AKA the stuff that drives *your customers* to buy)

Here are the top 19 concepts that marketers need to know:

6289 1727 01-05-2022

I run a $400K/year business with 0 employees

Here are 7 lesser-known tools I use to get more done in less time:

9923 1675 10-03-2022

12 pricing psychology tips to help you sell more stuff:

4640 1234 07-06-2022

The best marketing doesn’t *feel* like marketing

Entertain me
Educate me
Inspire me
Delight me

Don’t just “market” to me...

3247 836 02-04-2021

Marketing is harder than ever

Wanna quickly figure out what works with buyers?

You don’t need to spend 100s of hours doing research

There are only 4 questions you *really* need to answer to get started

If you can these Qs, coming up with smart marketing ideas feels easy


2622 590 10-21-2021

Which one would you choose?

A) $120 per night without breakfast
B) $135 per night with breakfast
C) $200 per night with breakfast for the royal bedroom villa

You likely chose C. And there’s a reason for it.

Let’s talk about Price Relativity (with 6 examples):

2360 502 09-22-2022

How I made $14,950 in 57 minutes with 2 emails and a Google Doc:

2988 480 01-01-2023

Being genuinely nice is an underrated marketing strategy

2312 440 04-01-2021

Love him or hate him, @elonmusk gave a masterclass on Price Anchoring last week

Did you notice?

[A thread 🧵]

2253 403 11-10-2022

I did 300 customer discovery interviews before launching my tech company

We still managed to build the wrong thing

5 big mistakes that people (including me) make when interviewing buyers:

1931 385 06-28-2022

The best marketing ideas come from studying your customers

(Not your competitors)

1558 353 04-07-2022

Human brains are lazy

Remember that when writing your marketing messaging

Clear is better than clever

1519 336 04-16-2021

My little one-person business made $127,305 in January

How? Subtraction 👇

2151 263 02-01-2023

You need a new phone

Phone A claims “20-hour battery life”
Phone B claims “All-day battery life”

Which one do you choose?

You likely choose B and there’s a reason

Let’s talk about: The Framing Effect (with 6 examples)

1231 255 11-03-2022

Marketing is applied psychology

Changing just one word or image can have a massive impact

Here are the top 16 con… https://t.co/rIyR6dVRvH

1161 249 01-17-2023


People who “make it look easy” have usually worked extremely hard for years to get to that point.

1038 241 11-18-2021

If someone promises to teach you an “easy way to make money”…

Chances are you’re *their* easy money

1146 230 08-19-2022

F*ck building an audience

Having an audience is useless if you do it wrong

Here are 6 tips for creating content that drives likes *and* sales (tip 1 is very important)

1470 228 11-16-2022

When you realize that most of the ‘productivity gurus’ are young, self-employed, single dudes without kids…

You giggle

2518 209 09-05-2022

Using big words in your marketing may make you feel smart…

But if it confuses buyers and makes them feel dumb, you’ll be broke

927 171 08-19-2021
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