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Attempting again to learn Domain Driven Design, and it's clear if you're an Object Oriented Programmer trying to learn Functional Programming, no wonder you're confused. Here's a paragraph summary of the 500 page book I've translated each sentence into typed FP.

120 21 11-21-2020

I am looking for a new web UI and/or API role and would appreciate your support. Thank you in advance for any connections, advice, or opportunities you can offer! Here's a 2 minute vid on what I'm looking for, what I have to offer & my other contributions.

19 17 09-27-2022

As a Functional Programmer, I hate for loops because.... er..... wait..... https://t.co/GAfutxc4SM

18 5 03-04-2021

I've been testing out trunk based development for a few months, here are some of my initial thoughts. It was inspired by @davefarley77 's series of videos on building pipelines and his "don't branch" videos

18 4 01-27-2022

AWS added 14 new intrinsic functions to Step Functions. Beyond the "I can delete my Lambdas that were doing this now and using native Step Function JSON/YAML", I thought I'd list some of the awesomeness you can more easily do now. It's little, but still enjoyable. A 🧵thread https://t.co/9EmZk38ZOy

12 4 09-01-2022

Elm and GraphQL types are near identical. Having elm-graphql generate the code results in perfect queries to AppSync. Front-end devs are spoiled, yo. https://t.co/ET7yqaxCEj

23 3 10-26-2021

What I was interested in was each and every possible problem in that original Promise chain as I need to know the various problems, and some I can fix ahead of time with compiler support. TypeScript's variadic tuples can help here, too, not just ReScript.

0 3 04-11-2021

Wow, AWS Kafka now triggers Lambda functions, OH YEAHHHHH https://t.co/yXwVvwUHdK

5 3 10-12-2020

How to use Dependency Injection in Functional Programming - I show the Object Oriented Programming problem it solves, then show how to use it in an equivalent Functional Programming code base.

3 3 01-15-2022

My feed is 100% AWS from the past 7 years of curation. My new company uses GCP. Who on Twitter should I follow that talks about GCP?

2 3 11-20-2022

Been assigned to work on some Chaos Engineering stuff at work on the code, not infrastructure, level and have some learnings to share.

First, googling chaos engineering results in a ton of infra and open source tooling around breaking it. That's not what I'm doing.

5 2 07-23-2021

Why I Don't Use Async Await in JavaScript

1 2 06-23-2021

Deja vu. This was the sales pitch, visually, for "Rich Internet Applications" 15 years ago (Adobe Flash), specifically the UI power. I can't find the image anymore. Here, that's just assumed, it's now all back-end that has a pretty face. Slick. https://t.co/FMVDY1BLIQ

5 2 06-09-2021

Maintaining legacy software instead. https://t.co/HULZeemCzf

6 2 03-21-2021

Me: “Keith, can you make me a sandwich pretty please?”
@bit101 : “WICKED PISSA!” https://t.co/fCWml1qcLV

10 2 03-12-2021

@benjamin_l_s Lambda: "You got some drama, son, I'll handle it."
SQS: "lol, txt me, we hang yo"
Dynamo: "Wherever you are, you can put your drama on me."
SNS: "Dude, I got my glowstix, let's do this."
Step Functions: * mother hug *

5 2 03-11-2021

BURN THEM ALL https://t.co/0jNtW92Pw9

3 2 02-14-2021

In Functional Programming u often use just 1 file w/o modules. In my OOP days, I created files all over the place. However, it's hard to "reference other things" that may be elsewhere. You can't co-locate everything. @code 's split editor helps seeing 2 places in same file. https://t.co/2FWftvnVJw

2 2 01-23-2021

Ruby on Rails is still valid for a ton of front-end and back-end use cases. You can build a startup, deploy on serverless AWS for the Enterprise, and there are still a few out there exploring what Chef can offer in the Ops world.

0 2 12-24-2020

BEAST https://t.co/qNdqJpGGfQ

6 2 12-01-2020
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