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Free SEO course:

3330 691 11-08-2022

My blueprint for transitioning from employment to entrepreneurship

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568 155 01-04-2021

Getting started with SEO 101:

If you to start getting some organic traffic from Google, but don't know where to start, here's how I recommend getting started.

I'll outline:

- On Site SEO
- Basic KW Research
- Longtail Traffic
- Content Approach

Let's go 👇

1023 142 12-09-2020

One of the easiest ways to find low-competition, high traffic, high value keywords for your niche: https://t.co/Gz7pXCwtU4

1160 122 10-27-2022

A few hours a day, every day.

That's all it takes to build something that can change your life in 3-5 years.

A few hours so you can get into a deep focus state and get a weeks worth of work done in a few hours.

Show up every day to build momentum and continually make progress.

711 82 04-12-2021

How @jamesclear built a multi million dollar newsletter using an advanced SEO secret hidden in plain sight: https://t.co/axTWwewxbw

731 71 11-02-2022

How to build an audience using a content flywheel

(how people like @SahilBloom, @JamesClear and @jackbutcher build massive attention & audiences)

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482 59 01-20-2021

I was introduced to the “Time Billionaire” concept by @APompliano.

Time is infinitely more valuable than money.

If you’re not getting what you want out of life, what are you doing?

Spend your time wisely. https://t.co/RCGC25zpTV

277 45 12-17-2020

Running a SaaS company is just a lot of writing.

Writing code.
Writing documentation.
Writing support emails.
Writing tutorials.
Writing blog posts.
Writing copy.
Writing scripts.
Writing team communications.

Writing is the work that makes it all happen.

332 35 01-28-2021

There’s a gas station down the road for me that generates $400k in revenue annually.

It serves one purpose, serves a few thousand people every month, and serves a very specific location.

Your indiehacker goal should be to own a digital gas station on the internet.

307 34 10-14-2020

Page speed doesn't matter.
Word count doesn't matter.
Putting your keyword in your title doesn't matter.

Here's 4 ranking factors that *actually* correlate with higher rankings on Google: https://t.co/YXoclwN6xp

387 33 11-10-2022

1000 true fans is all you need.

1000 * $100/year = $100,000/year

What it doesn't tell you:

1000 true fans = 10,000+ private audience.
10,000+ private audience = 100,000+ in traffic.
100,000 in traffic = 1,000,000+ in impressions.

Distribution matters. Find your niche.

295 28 04-30-2021

If you need an idea for a SaaS company, unbundle one of these companies (the 50 largest public SaaS companies).

Here's why:

- Huge, mature markets
- Growing demand
- Already validated

Here's how you can win:

- Niche down
- Better service
- Make a feature your whole product https://t.co/wjrQ6f1Qa8

162 24 09-29-2020

The very first thing you need to do if you're just getting started with SEO (important!): https://t.co/KGTvpM7onb

178 24 10-29-2022

Charge more. Price sensitive customers aren't the customers you want.

271 23 01-22-2021

If you come up with an idea for a business and it already exists, that’s a good thing.

241 21 10-15-2022

People think productivity is todo lists and habit trackers

when in reality it’s eliminating distractions (which can be all that “productivity” stuff) and having a driving purpose you can’t keep yourself from working on.

106 19 02-26-2021

How to read paywalled articles for free on most mainstream media websites. https://t.co/KB0PJvHBKb

123 17 06-22-2021

Speed is underrated.

It's the one thing that allows you to get more done with less time.

Working fast, writing fast, making decisions fast, failing fast, succeeding fast, communicating fast.

It all gives you an edge that most people don't have.

109 17 01-12-2021

Learning on the internet is hard, because some people are authors who talk about implementing, and others are implementers that end up being authors.

You want to find the implementers who end up being authors.

They're tough to find, but they usually have a history.

171 17 11-19-2020
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