Starting something new. Software developer and indie hacker. Former CTO @HelloLanding and @Shipt. Join me on my journey!


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I've released my first software product today! http://t.co/QF8CoQru (@uiblueprints) A simple tool for building UI mockups! RT at will!

0 9 01-25-2012

"A Comparison of Angular, Backbone, CanJS and Ember" http://t.co/DT17WePno0 cc @__ted__ - CanJS!

2 6 04-17-2013

The truth always wins. #slosstech #GaryVaynerchuk

6 4 07-15-2016

Hey @trello & @gmail fans, we launched a product that allows you create Trello cards from within Gmail. Meet Gmello! http://t.co/6oOILb0f

3 4 10-18-2012

"So your building the next Facebook?" "No, we are building a positive environment that keep people going" #startupriot cc @lifekraze

1 4 02-22-2012

This marketplace looks interesting. @DaveMartinGray have you seen this? https://t.co/h78eFRpWQ1

10 3 10-15-2021

One bird that wins is the bird that wakes up and says f it... My wings are short I will wake up earlier. #SlossTech #GaryVaynerchuk

5 3 07-15-2016

"The greatest need in American churches is not more knowledge, but more conviction!" #francischan sermon on Holy Spirit (part 6)

0 3 03-01-2011

Excited to be doing an event with @nocodedevs today!
The topic is early stage startups, how to find product market fit, and all the fun stuff that goes along with starting a business! ๐Ÿš€

Feel welcome to join us!


4 3 11-16-2021

Today I am starting my Build in Public journey.

I'm setting a goal of going from 0 to $50K in revenue between now and the end of the year.

I plan to share every step of the journey... the highs, the lows and everything in between.

See ๐Ÿงต ...

8 2 10-18-2021

In business, if you have the opportunity for a layup, but have the power to dunk it, DUNK IT! Don't give anyone a chance to block it. Remove any doubt and CLOSE the deal!! ๐Ÿ€

5 2 06-28-2019

Just saw a demo of Mongo Charts from Michael Gordon at #MDBW18 ... โ€œSo easy a CFO can do it!โ€ Ha! https://t.co/yBHoTCSYZy

4 2 06-27-2018

The world needs more bright lights that will shout louder than the people that drag us down. #slosstech #garyvee https://t.co/c1FH31zZtC

11 2 07-15-2016

Using ECMAScript 6 (ES6/ES2015) with AngularJS 1.x https://t.co/ylkNAHooit

2 2 03-15-2016

Code Organization in Large AngularJS and JavaScript Applications https://t.co/C8cj0S0fxD

0 2 12-02-2015

"My First Week Doing CrossFit" http://t.co/tDDPgLaoZx by @KTgreg and @MyFitnessHQ http://t.co/GJxAJDKM43

0 2 02-10-2015

Local Birimgham company, Shipt, provides same-day delivery for online purchases http://t.co/cYeOb3OAkS via @aldotcom

0 2 12-09-2014

Looking for an iOS developer at Shipt: https://t.co/4xAPZgqSi5 (RT at will)
#iosdev #jobs

1 2 12-03-2014

@lincolnmurphy Hey Lincoln. I included a link to your WOM article in my latest post here: http://t.co/fijUgGd57U Would love a share! :-) -

0 2 05-22-2014

never look back http://t.co/w4IbhSjWU0

0 2 04-03-2014
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