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58054 14554 02-10-2022

kindness to others is the answer you've been searching for.. when EVERYONE becomes your FRIEND ..you win ❣️

5907 4385 11-15-2022

Feel like it’s time to buy into a NfT project .. time to do some homework

27627 4215 03-13-2022

Having nfts for your business will be like having a website in 2005 or having social media accounts in 2015 .. it’s just digital infrastructure

13564 3015 03-10-2022

First they’ll call u stupid .. then they’ll call u lucky ;) remember .. just make sure that you’re always executing and “they” are spending their time “calling you things” 💜☀️

12934 2996 01-14-2022

time to give away some NFTS ...pls reply with your wallet address and pls add how many NFT's you own, want to airdrop to some that have none .. @alienfrens @SHAQ @WomenandWeapons and more coming your way

10738 2920 12-25-2021

giveaway time, too many don't have a NFT yet for many different reasons, pls leave your wallet address if you're one of those people and allow me the honor to airdrop you something i collected,hope everyone is having a really nice day, ill give away 3 right now before meeting

15209 2907 01-11-2022

Keep evolving my friends … they think you’re done, I think most of you haven’t started

14609 2739 02-20-2022

If you don’t have many NFT’s ..
Pls reply with your wallet address … I’d like to give away some food 🎃Halloween

.reply :) and good luck

14848 2718 10-31-2021

🚨 if you’re new to nfts … here’s my #1 .. don’t use discord DM … I’ve seen more people get scammed in discord DM than any other medium, if it’s too good to be true, it is, scammers praying on peoples lack of understanding of web3 and humans who get excited when they “win”

11275 2705 01-18-2022

A lot of people are about to win :)

19024 2319 04-14-2022

♥️♥️♥️♥️I hope 2022 is the best year of your life 💜💜💜💜

15120 2307 01-01-2022

patience is your partner in success ..

12034 2241 11-29-2021

its my bday and i think i am going to give away a few @veefriends and i also want to buy a few nfts tonight .. xoxoxo ..❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

13641 2217 11-15-2022

99.9999% of what NFT’s can do hasn’t even been tapped into … it’s earrereeerrrreeeeerrrrrrely ☀️

12792 2132 09-01-2021

To win this iconic https://t.co/eALpYFinPq Retweet this tweet to enter and say “salmon”
In our discord https://t.co/ToS7tgWz63

1793 2067 01-08-2023

The @veefriends iconics story is here

https://t.co/DVCcHgKcwH https://t.co/DVCcHgKcwH

Can be found here… https://t.co/X8ZWziEcE8

1731 1952 01-07-2023

being underestimated is a gift .. stop trying to convince, just execute

9344 1919 09-14-2021

If u see this I wish u so much happiness ❣️

10561 1892 01-22-2023

Being underestimated is the greatest gift on earth … too many see it the reverse 💜

11007 1823 01-02-2022
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