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George Orwell, 1984: “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street and building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And that process is continuing day by day and minute by minute.… https://t.co/Ckw1bJ7Jny https://t.co/oRn4qwaFis

14725 2628 02-19-2023

Been thinking about this meme all week

Are you the kind of person who just rolls up your sleeves and plugs the hole?

Our world needs a whole lot more of that https://t.co/pIMljsU9Gs

4722 939 03-27-2022

This was written by a paralyzed man using a brain computer interface. Despite not moving his hands he thinks about writing and this is what comes up.

18 words per minute

BCI metaverse is gonna be insane guys

https://t.co/VkJ6iFnHG5 https://t.co/7EWVBn39W9

3368 681 11-11-2021

In 2008 I showed up to Y Combinator Startup School to take photos of speakers and learn how to start a startup.

I was an engineer and designer and had never started a company before. https://t.co/sYe6tokRHS

6353 539 01-01-2023

Next year, I'll be going back to Y Combinator as President and CEO.

It's a one in ten billion lifetimes kind of opportunity— YC gave me my start, and I'm deeply grateful to the community.


9681 518 08-29-2022

I'm an Asian-American Dem who has only done donations to Dems. I am the child of working class immigrants who grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area.

They're taking away our math and our way up to study STEM. This is why I was a top donor to the recall.

They want to erase me. https://t.co/8GrPVPfHlo

3668 464 02-18-2022

This week Mark Cuban launched an online pharmacy that offers >100 generic drugs at a far more affordable and transparent price.

Leukemia treatment imatinib retails for $9,657 a month— Mark Cuban offers it at $47 per month.

A true healthcare upstart powered by @truepill_rx 🚀 https://t.co/aODwNv40S1

3236 448 01-23-2022

No Algebra in middle schools will be California state wide, following SF’s disastrous lead

“The process should have definitely involved STEM faculty from top CA universities with direct knowledge of what is needed for success as STEM majors. It is absurd this was not done.” https://t.co/eewGIDEayt

1905 421 11-23-2021

Do you know this person in the red glasses? He stole signed petitions with voter info and impeded an open democratic process to recall the SF School Board.

The SFPD has an active investigation and needs your help. Please contact SFPD with his name. https://t.co/28eIf9oUud https://t.co/Lb6NnqdoLT

1095 360 06-10-2021

The wrong partner on your board can literally make a billion dollars in value evaporate.

It is not the sole reason behind every startup failure but it is the true story a surprising percentage of the time.

2680 297 04-17-2022

WE DID IT https://t.co/gHn4bwRKkq

5765 288 06-08-2022

This is how it always starts.

If you were early to most things in tech this is not abnormal. It is how it starts every single time.

Very little that is the fringe becomes the future. But the future almost always starts as the fringe. https://t.co/RSwDLfzuaa

1754 273 12-30-2021

Brazen broad daylight robbery in Oakland Chinatown yesterday 2PM

Look at the getaway driver: casual. This is organized, this is repeating, and if we say nothing we sponsor it.

Our Asian American communities are under constant attack by repeat offenders


1082 256 08-08-2021

"The only real failure in life is the failure to try." - Unknown https://t.co/73yF6izkTo

2753 246 12-16-2022

I think people don’t quite understand the urgency here. This is the kind of boil the frog change that seems subtle but 20 years from now, if you don’t take action now, an entire Californian generation of STEM researchers, scientists and engineers, will have never existed. https://t.co/YxXX6DoxB3

1254 217 12-04-2021

Imagine: You are a public school kid in SF.

In 8th grade, you took Algebra on your own dime, of course, because your public school doesn't offer it.

In 9th, you take Geometry, right? No. The district makes you take a test and jump through hoops. You miss the first 3 weeks.

1396 216 08-15-2022

The "wtf is that?" of today is the "omg how did we live without it?" of tomorrow

In between those two states is a billion dollar startup

1179 199 09-17-2021

“Vividly overrepresented” is a slur

The NYT wants Asian Americans to disappear.

We will not. https://t.co/Ny7qyi21kj

1975 194 02-11-2022

Witness: “This is cut and dry. I watched them beat this old woman and drop her across the concrete.”

DA Chesa Boudin: Charges dropped https://t.co/n9Qw0MxJr4

645 192 05-22-2021

There is no excuse for why San Francisco removed Algebra from public middle schools.

The idea that merit is racist and that acceleration should not be allowed — that achievement cannot be celebrated and encouraged— has no place in public schools.

SF schools must do better.

1164 187 10-20-2022
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