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Google docs needs to GIVE IT UP with these page breaks. I'm tired. Noone is printing this shit.

5541 226 10-16-2021

my kink is i can only work on a couch in the most fucked up position imaginable, with a battery perpetually at 5% AND i have to be staring across the room at a perfectly good, ergo desk setup, with external monitor, ring light, etc. that i never use

494 18 01-13-2022

normalize writing js in your 30s https://t.co/628EBwCwfR

427 17 01-19-2022

in hypergrowth, it's unlikely you get promo'd as an IC as quickly as inflation around leveling happens

this means older tenured employees are artificially down leveled over time or have to "work harder" for the same level

interesting how the opposite is often true for managers

267 16 01-10-2022

watching @vercel just build an infinitely better heroku makes me wonder if it's finally time for someone to start rebuilding github

562 14 11-29-2022

So… I recently had a kid and quickly realized I fucking hate cocomelon… so I did what any nerd would do and started… https://t.co/kIzWgQkhTU

218 10 12-12-2022

nice how anytime I start entertaining the idea of starting a company again I have these old videos where last time around I was very clearly on the edge of a psychotic break https://t.co/Q0EacfPxSO

244 6 01-12-2022

absolute shittest feature of 2021 was google meets hand raise feature. built my entire career on bullying, interrupting, and talking over people

148 6 01-13-2022

discord has been SUCH a massive upgrade over slack for remote work for our small team.

The ability to fluidly move… https://t.co/vWTIpq0sxI

219 5 02-11-2023

weird to me that the best medical professionals seem to teach at universities alongside their practice, but engineers / designers / etc. dont? why?

35 4 09-28-2021

the $64 billion dollar art market is built on the back of wire transfers over email and "screen shots" for confirma… https://t.co/wlHDFIraEP

28 2 11-30-2022

I’ve actually found when I’ve been on the best teams, the “a players” all blindly stamped each others prs

Code re… https://t.co/eggnSGRiF0

24 2 12-14-2022

I do actually think chatgpt would be better at code reviews than 99% of real engineers… but maybe bc I just don’t r… https://t.co/i3EwuAEXk9

26 2 12-14-2022

if you want the deviant art of code on your engineering team, chatgpt is for you

19 2 12-14-2022

someone needs to write plugin called sage that just drives all the bad energy out of this codebase that clearly hates me

32 2 02-14-2023

listen to us talk about our react native transition at coinbase. if you're considering re-platforming away from native tech (particularly in a large eng org), could be an interesting listen https://t.co/u0OC6gdSPA

38 1 09-16-2021

@retornam 🤔🤔 https://t.co/xcANL1Y49l

2 1 02-12-2022

now that im in my mid thirties im really lovin naming things "widget"

39 1 09-01-2022

i actually just copy paste everything now. No abstractions/"dryness". think this is the new wave 🌊 https://t.co/psfY2HF5Af

26 1 10-06-2022

now available for consulting. very expensive though https://t.co/PNJlACmWfU

27 1 10-23-2022
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