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The most creative company of the last 30 years:


Back in 2011, Pixar storyboard artist Emma Coats shared their "22 Rules For Storytelling."

And the rules are a must-read for writers, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to tell captivating stories.

Here's the breakdown: https://t.co/eUqUpvvbDX

24224 5809 10-28-2021

Bad copywriting:

• Here's my product
• Here's what it does
• Here's what's so good about it

Good copywriting:

• Here's your problem
• Here's the benefit of solving it
• Here's why what you've tried has failed
• And by the way here's a product that will help you solve it

27259 5419 10-05-2021

The world's most valuable skill:

Writing effectively.

But colleges charge you 120k and still do a terrible job teaching it.

Instead, here are 9 writing frameworks that cost you nothing and will save you hundreds of hours:

18451 3945 06-15-2021

Steve Jobs once said:

"The most powerful person is the storyteller."

And luckily, storytelling is a skill.

But most people have never tried to learn – because no one showed them where to start.

So here are 6 of the best storytelling threads (so you can start learning today): https://t.co/Fg4A88WCBS

18779 3690 02-23-2022

College completely failed in teaching me how to write.

So I spent over 500 hours studying legendary authors and copywriters.

Then, I distilled what I learned into 6 simple frameworks.

But unlike college, these won't cost you $120,000.

Here they are for free:

14445 3216 09-22-2021

If you use Google Docs, you're one of G Suite's 2,000,000,000 monthly active users.

But you probably aren't using it to its full potential.

So here are 6 little-known features that will save you countless hours (so you can work faster):

10720 2927 09-17-2021

The single most powerful habit for personal growth:


Over the past 5 years, I've journaled every single morning—and along the way, I've:

• Answered over 1,000 questions
• Tested every app, pen, & notebook

But I always return to a pen, paper, and these 5 prompts: https://t.co/bW3M9e9BXc

13416 2330 09-22-2022

19 inconvenient truths I don't want to forget:

7665 2146 03-31-2022

The highest-paid copywriter in history: Gary Halbert.

His legendary sales letters generated over $1,000,000,000 in revenue.

And in one of his very last letters, he shared 12 time-tested strategies for writing better copy, faster.

Here's a breakdown of each one: https://t.co/n3ANCJz8zB

10673 2141 07-27-2021

The most valuable Twitter feature you aren't using:

Advanced search.

Knowing how to use it will help you find the hidden gems of the Twitter archives and 10x your Twitter experience.

Here's the step-by-step guide:

7932 2114 06-04-2021

If you use it right, the internet is the most powerful tool in human history.

But most people aren't using it to its full potential.

Luckily, there's now a Twitter thread with advanced tips for every internet tool - using this exact hook.

Here's the 10 best of them:

9717 1947 11-12-2021

Upgrade your descriptive adjectives with this beautiful matrix: https://t.co/6rOQbnNyL6

11323 1872 09-21-2022

What is 1 YouTube video you think every person on Earth should watch?

7705 1723 02-14-2022

Writing Twitter, I come with holiday gifts:

On Monday, The 22 Laws of Digital Writing eBook from me and @Nicolascole77 goes live for $22.

But tonight only, if you RT this or reply 🚢🚢, we'll DM you a copy for free!

Clock starts... now ⏳ https://t.co/hPTohG0yoc

1299 1713 12-16-2021

One of the most legendary marketers of all time: David Ogilvy

In 1982, David wrote an internal memo to the employees of his advertising agency titled "How to write."

And in just 10 bullets he put together a masterclass in effective writing.

Here's a breakdown of each one: https://t.co/MxRYuQRLyA

7215 1570 06-02-2021

I asked 295,000 people for their favorite podcast episode of 2022.

Here are 10 episodes that showed up the most often:

8807 1475 12-13-2022

The most powerful reflection you can do:

The Monthly Review.

Most people go their *entire* life without reflecting—and before they know it, years have gone by and it's too late to change.

So don't let this happen—grab a pen, crack open a notebook, and answer these 5 questions: https://t.co/RDxmXAAigD

8815 1462 10-02-2022

The KING of YouTube:

Mr. Beast.

Over the last 12 months, he's gained over 50,000,000 subscribers.

So I binge watched 100 hours of his videos to study how he's done it so quickly.

And here's his 3-part framework for rapid growth (that you can use on any platform): https://t.co/6mbvI0QBBm

7591 1407 02-11-2022

I studied the writing routine of 500 legendary writers.

Turns out, great writing is simple—if you do these 6 things every day:

7439 1390 07-28-2022

I asked 300k people for their favorite things of 2022.

• Books
• Podcasts
• Newsletters
• Placed traveled
• Lesson… https://t.co/Vbsnjhsras

8571 1356 12-24-2022
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