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What's causing all these logos to look the same? https://t.co/DgnNfOV20v

243787 40385 07-09-2022

This video is a masterclass in psychology.

The first person to do something always looks weird. People laugh. Then somebody else joins. Then the crowds come in and the person who started the whole thing goes from looking like a goon to looking like a genius. https://t.co/4iwHriOYoo

30434 10968 02-26-2021

Some paradoxes of modern life:

1. The paradox of reading: The books you read will profoundly change you even though you’ll forget the vast majority of what you read.

24477 7584 04-05-2021

The CIA once released a guide on how to sabotage an organization, and I can’t shake the feeling that we’re voluntarily implementing these tactics today https://t.co/gX0iAaNmtL

21551 5166 12-15-2021

Read to collect the dots, write to connect them https://t.co/YbgnKKFUNn

23379 4537 07-05-2021

An all-time exchange in Jerry Seinfeld’s interview with the Harvard Business Review https://t.co/5xTz4oltb8

50339 3688 10-15-2022

Why do elite colleges pump students into the same five industries: law, medicine, tech, investing, and management c… https://t.co/eGY1CWJ3Yp

19573 3549 12-18-2022

The homogenization of tech logos. https://t.co/LWIzIVwUDG

22441 2671 07-09-2022

With Jeff Bezos stepping down as CEO, here’s a thread of the best things I’ve learned from him.

1. Be willing to change your mind.

As Bezos famously said: "Anybody who doesn’t change their mind a lot is dramatically underestimating the complexity of the world we live in.”

12118 2556 02-03-2021

28 short pieces of life advice:

1. Block off 90 minutes in your calendar every morning to work on the most important thing. Wake up early if you need to. Don’t compromise.

14722 2360 10-03-2022

Two interesting responses:

• "This is what happens when the creative dept is overrun by the marketing dept. Being data driven is the death of art." — @cfcreative_

• "All businesses are online now and sans serif is among the easiest font set to read online." — @CartuneNetwerk

19956 1916 07-09-2022

Something to factor into your answer: The homogenization doesn't end with logos. It's happening to phone booths, doorbells, street poles, and bookshelves too.

(h/t @culturaltutor) https://t.co/5cqBiA2GEb

21121 1688 07-09-2022

Same structure: Rivers, blood vessels, tree roots, and tree branches https://t.co/WCSgXg1QAH

8446 1564 04-03-2021

Have a friend who speaks to his kids like adults. They developed an advanced vocabulary early on.

Then they started kindergarten. At school, they were surrounded by kids with limited vocabularies and "baby talking" teachers.

When their speech degraded, he started homeschooling.

14497 1470 12-12-2022

The paradox of reading: The books you read will profoundly change you even though you’ll forget the vast majority of what you read

8458 1397 03-11-2021

The American Psychological Association once invited William James to give a talk on the first 50 years of psychology research.

He simply said: “People by and large become what they think of themselves.”

Then, he left.

7629 1388 04-06-2021

Pixar's guide to storytelling https://t.co/B1J5ZxIGRa

7227 1099 06-09-2021

The paradoxes of modern life.

Here's my mini-essay. https://t.co/p9lcuuVdJT

5388 1055 12-13-2021

21 ideas from 2021:

4595 1055 12-30-2021

Here's what the future of education looks like:

1. Teaching will become an extremely lucrative profession. Salaries will follow a power law. The best teachers will make millions of dollars per year and teach thousands of students every year. In fact, this is already happening.

5606 993 02-16-2022
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