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Someone has literally recreated Photoshop feature for feature, for free, in the browser 🤯


94126 26297 06-09-2021

"The days are long, but the years are short" https://t.co/pcgZEGznbf

20652 9378 01-13-2021

This is a story about how I lost $10,000,000 by doing something stupid.

Ten. Million. Dollars.

Literally up in smoke. Money bonfire.

That’s enough to retire with $250,000+ in annual income.

Here’s what happened…

32751 7714 03-30-2021

"Here's the number I used to win the lottery"

–Entrepreneurs giving advice

29010 3355 09-30-2022

I read a book that blew my mind a little and I can’t stop telling people about it.

It explains why so many people dedicate their lives to achieving things that make them miserable.

This might sound crazy, but an unseen force is pushing you towards empty and unfulfilling goals…

10548 2943 10-21-2021

On Aug 1, I woke up and didn’t want to get out of bed.

I felt…blank. Hollowed out. I’d felt this way for months.

I couldn’t enjoy anything.

I didn’t care about work.

I didn’t want to talk to anyone.

I wasn’t necessarily depressed. Objectively life was amazing...

9677 1791 10-06-2021

How to win at business:

Hire smart people.
Pay them well.
Leave them alone.

11916 1597 02-12-2021

Shit on @elonmusk all you want, but he has The Now Habit.

As soon as he has an idea, he takes action towards makin… https://t.co/9yeOA9Sp6z

14619 1281 12-19-2022

Most successful people are just a walking anxiety disorder harnessed for productivity.

8664 1023 04-26-2021

“You don’t have to attend every argument you’re invited to”
–Charlie Munger

4648 826 01-29-2023

Our brains are designed for:

- 1 to 3 tasks per day 🔥💧🦌

- A social group of less than 50 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

- Most time spent silent in nature doing a task 🌲🌲🌲

- No awareness of anything happening outside of 5 square kilometers 🧭

No wonder we’re all miserable.

5040 708 07-25-2020

The best investors do nothing 99% of the time.

They sit on their hands, sometimes for years, preparing.

Reading, thinking, analyzing.

Then, when the right opportunity comes along, they strike with conviction.

It sounds easy. It’s not.

3668 628 10-19-2020

At Tiny, I've hired CEOs for 60+ companies and interviewed hundreds of others.

After over a decade of trial and error (and I mean BIG errors), here’s our hiring process:

4122 605 09-29-2022

There are four types of entrepreneurs:

1. Innovators - the person who invents the burrito 🌯

2. Remixers - the person who creates Chipotle 🌶

3. Scalers - the person who scales it to 100+ locations 🏢

4. Optimizers - the person who dials in margins and process 🔧

3312 565 09-05-2020

The year is 1996 and you own a newspaper. The internet just came out, but you don’t really get it.

Which business… https://t.co/y7s1uNGkIn

5706 550 12-24-2022

Important life advice:

Write shorter emails.

4081 506 07-28-2020

So many people think they want to retire...

But freedom is better:

The freedom to say no.

To cancel appointments.

To ignore your inbox.

To take random days off.

To put your phone away.

To wrap your day at 2pm.

To go for walks.

To play with your kids.

The ultimate.

4263 501 04-01-2021

There are four types of entrepreneurs:

1. People who try, give up, and get a job 🤦

2. People who get overwhelmed or comfortable, and stop growing ⚖️ (lifestyle)

3. People who grow steadily, year after year 📈 (compounders)

4. People who blitzscale 🚀(venture) ...

2560 464 12-22-2020

In 2019, I set out to do something simple:

Recreate the local newspaper in digital form, by creating a simple daily newsletter focused on Victoria, Canada, my home town 📰

I hired a journalist and we started sending out a quick summary of what’s happening every day at 7AM... https://t.co/CVdc2IsARa

2530 441 09-01-2020

In 2013 I got a call from @stewart.

His gaming startup, Glitch, had failed.

He seemed gutted. They had burned through millions and laid off their entire staff.

He had an idea he wanted us to help with.

A last ditch effort to get his investors money back...

2770 429 12-02-2020
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