Calmly building in public. Helping founders and creators to find their own way. I write, podcast, and make videos at https://t.co/HD06q3UsKn Be kind.


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The goal is to build a business.

Not to play startup.

4569 708 05-16-2022

The entrepreneurial life. https://t.co/9twZ9hp6Hh

2145 284 02-08-2023

Oh wow, the top post on Hacker News is about a disillusioned indie founder giving up due to mental health issues.… https://t.co/TkcCschXBa

1199 136 12-23-2022

A lot of "Twitter 2-factor authentication removal" outcry on my feed right now.

Apparently, there are phone compan… https://t.co/jRfC94vjtW

817 134 02-19-2023

Without revenue, it's a project, not a business.

986 118 08-06-2022

To be an entrepreneur, you must get comfortable with a certain baseline amount of chaos.

668 91 07-12-2022

When you miss an obvious marketing opportunity… https://t.co/fqyLpN8rdB

939 88 09-18-2022

I turned 38 last week. As a LotR fan, I follow the Hobbit tradition & GIVE gifts instead of getting them.

Here’s m… https://t.co/ADkFC8XXkR

502 85 01-09-2023

My Twitter course "Find your Following is" now available!

Grow an authentic Twitter presence with intentional relationships and a following that trusts and respects you.

Find your following, build your brand in public, and create your own opportunities.

https://t.co/T49N7ewOun https://t.co/DzswXOxFmr

491 80 01-31-2022

Showing up every day is the growth hack.

580 79 01-20-2023

Making money is a consequence of making a difference in people's lives.

508 78 12-21-2022

To be an entrepreneur, you must get comfortable with a certain amount of chaos around you at all times.

488 77 07-28-2022

If people don’t buy your thing, it’s not a “market problem” — it’s a marketing problem.

423 71 10-28-2021

If it's not making money, it's not a business.

726 68 01-08-2023

If you can have fun when things get hard, you’ll make a great entrepreneur.

457 65 04-29-2022

I believe we are incredibly lucky that email is free.

1317 64 10-25-2021

You don't need more features. You need more customers.

612 63 10-08-2021

Perspective. https://t.co/kn0AJcIrFZ

435 63 09-28-2021

🤔🙃 https://t.co/ZCGUcwmsgG

879 62 11-16-2021

You don't need to be perfect to have success, you just need to not quit when everyone else does.

475 60 12-27-2022
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