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People are dying for "secrets" to audience growth.

There are no secrets.

- I've done 3-5 podcast show/week for over a decade.
- I ask every guest to help promote my show.
- I joined groups where my audience hung out and engaged.

Ship + learn + iterate. That's the "secret"

132 30 11-28-2021

I'm creating a cheat sheet to help you level up your conversations.

All my best interviewing techniques. Condensed onto one page.

Give me a 👋 in the comments and I'll DM it to you when it's ready.

452 29 11-12-2021

I need your help!

Vote for your favorite book cover designs for "Stop Asking Questions."

We're doing this tournament style. Choose the best design in each matchup to move to the finals.

Plus, vote and RT this post for a chance to win a free copy.

Let's roll 👇

29 26 08-03-2021

Help me pick the right cover for my upcoming book.

(RT this thread & follow @AndrewWarner for your chance to win a free copy.)

Thanks for all the support and feedback ❤️

Vote on next tweet 👇 https://t.co/mUuLuyrfK4

33 18 08-10-2021

How to get podcast interview guests.

I’ve done over 2,000 interviews with hard-to-get guests. Here’s what I learned.

A thread 👇

262 18 12-08-2020

20 techniques for high-impact conversations.

A visual thread from my book, Stop Asking Questions.

Read, save, and share so we can all have better conversations this year. https://t.co/fpI9qxGFjC

43 15 11-26-2021

Great interview technique: The Dramatic Lowball

A founder of a health startup wouldn’t say a word about revenue.

So I threw out a Dramatic Lowball, "Are you doing at least a million in sales?"

She shot back, "We're doing 20-30x that!"

156 14 07-08-2021

How many times have you missed your shot because you couldn't connect with the right person?

Here's how I learned to tap into the wisdom of high-performers and build a multi-million dollar business.

My new book is here 👇


99 13 10-18-2021

Profitable Podcasting 101

How to:

▪️ Land your first podcast sponsor
▪️ Scale ad revenue from < $50k to $400k
▪️ Turn your show into a money machine with minimal effort

My story 👇

121 13 08-18-2021

I've been chasing the art and craft of great conversations for most of my life.

Here are my top 20 techniques: https://t.co/gPOeSBIqYt

95 13 08-15-2022

The Rule of 1️⃣ framework for startups:

1. Solve for ONE problem
2. For ONE customer
3. With ONE product
4. And ONE killer feature
5. With ONE revenue stream

h/t @jonnystartup https://t.co/NESNcaovIT

27 11 08-25-2022

📚 Coming October 2021. My first book

“How to Learn Anything from Anyone: Crafting Powerful Interviews With People You Admire”

First draft is done. I’ll publish in public from here on out.

It’s a book I always wanted to exist. Here’s why:



63 10 06-16-2021

Incredible startups are everywhere.

That's why I love interviewing lesser-known founders instead of industry superstars.

Who's an entrepreneur everyone will know in 12 months?

174 10 08-06-2022


20 10 01-26-2023

Stop Asking Questions officially launches tomorrow.


Over a decade of honing my interviewing craft, condensed into 200 pages.

I hope you'll check it out.


42 9 10-17-2021

Before I was a podcast host, I led sales for my startup. We generated over $30M in revenue.


Here are 5 high-impact conversation techniques to connect with prospects and close more deals.

(Plus audio examples of techniques in action) 👇

68 8 10-19-2021

How Erik Allebest of @chesscomm turned a college side hustle into a game-changing empire (literally).

This story is incredible — and will teach you a ton about building startups and communities👇 https://t.co/Oh0AE6fvYw

41 8 09-29-2021

Can I ask you a favor?

Tag one friend you think would benefit from my upcoming book, Stop Asking Questions.

If they're a podcaster, entrepreneur, salesperson, or just a lifelong learner, I think they will get a lot out of it.

Thank you in advance 🙏❤️


29 8 09-14-2021

When I want to study how an interviewer leads a conversation, I put their work into @otter_ai and read how they structure questions.

Here’s one from @bzaidi + @jackbutcher


24 8 03-11-2021

It took @Immad 2 failed jobs, 1 failed startup & 2 pivots to go from kid from Pakistan to $45 mil exit of HeyZap & creating a bank @BankMercury

My buddy @talktohenryj wrote a thread...

His story is great

Thread ⬇️ https://t.co/xvuntRaaut

36 8 01-22-2021
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