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This is getting ridiculous https://t.co/6ECDS6wfMq

62445 4641 11-24-2022

I grew up in the golden age of SQL injections but GPT3 injections just hit different 🤣 https://t.co/WpOqPWgFBs

17702 3263 09-16-2022

I don't think people understand the monumental changes coming to software this decade. Quick thread:

19424 3159 11-23-2022

I landed in the United States 10 years ago with nothing but credit card debt.

After one startup exit, one big tech job, and one unicorn, I genuinely believe that it wouldn't have been possible anywhere else in the world.

Here are 10 things I love about this country: https://t.co/jOO4zkcCkC

15857 2929 12-28-2021

wow, I did not expect this


4631 1521 03-05-2022

Many have asked for a copy of this book, here are all the pages in this thread https://t.co/ZkTFICq5Hh https://t.co/k4qRaqh1dT

8354 1329 10-30-2022

Chairman of Twitter is Salesforce’s CEO, which recently ran an anti-SpaceX/Elon superbowl ad. So this drama has multiple layers🍿

9867 1215 04-14-2022

Being woke and white comes with a super power — they can tell your immigration status by just looking at your face! https://t.co/afEU7PeeL9

11113 1067 11-19-2022

ChatGPT could be a good debugging companion; it not only explains the bug but fixes it and explain the fix 🤯 https://t.co/5x9n66pVqj

6803 1040 11-30-2022

Increasingly obvious that religion is an anti-virus for the human mind. Once you uninstall it, a bunch of mind viruses start spreading like crazy, mutating and becoming more extreme with time.

8717 890 04-17-2022

Going into startups, no one tells you that fighting is part of the job.

At Replit, the toughest people we have to fight are dark web hackers.

One time we went head-to-head against an underground group doing really bad things on our service -- this is the story:

5408 886 03-28-2022

Introducing the Replit App.

We’ve been working on this for over a year inventing new UX paradigms to make coding on mobile manageable, and we think this is the most comprehensive mobile creation tool in the world — will onboard millions to the industry!


6650 821 10-19-2022

If this works well, this use case is enough to make the product viable. https://t.co/1d11HWx67h

7355 642 10-14-2022

Facebook has a had a fairly diverse oversight board and both the left and the right are still upset at them. Losing game. https://t.co/qelLS5jIES

11312 522 10-28-2022

The first rule of Twitter: don’t take it seriously.

In fact, that’s the first rule of life too.

5175 507 01-07-2023

Last week two super young Replit users crashed a CS teacher conference to pitch their startup. https://t.co/1SuarGFnVT

2885 506 07-25-2022

Meanwhile SBF is speaking at the New York times this week. https://t.co/7BCGXIBHyy

3281 503 11-27-2022

The most gangster story in Silicon Valley is Steve Jobs buying Pixar for $5m, investing $50m, operating at a loss for a decade — so much so he had to cut personal checks every month to make payroll and somehow turning it around to exit for $7B to Disney. https://t.co/1NYTNwiFRc

2711 467 09-30-2021

If you want to start or join an early-stage startup, the most important investment you could make today is inner work to ensure you have the stamina & resilience to do extremely hard things.

Here is all self work I did between my 1st and 2nd startup that paid off big time:

2614 440 12-27-2021

Reddit found a new ChatGPT jailbreak and it uses a scoring system where every time the model does something undesir… https://t.co/GK12qcc6Kx

4782 438 02-06-2023
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