Unemployed. Building a $1M/yr solo business while traveling the world. Currently at $500k/yr with https://t.co/HSkH7h5YlK. Prev failed with 19 products.


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Getting from zero to $2k MRR.
🔴 Expectation
⚫️ Reality

Progress happens slowly, then all at once.

It just takes a long time to find something that works.

Mainly, one good product and one good distribution channel.

For me, it took 2 years, 20 products and 19 failed attempts. https://t.co/87KSMdjtrw

1397 176 08-18-2020

Everyone loves talking about revenue, but not about profits.

- $10K/mo indie business, 90% profit margin:
Founder takes home $9K per month.

- $1M/year business with two co-founders, 25% profit margin:
Founders take home $10K per month.

Yet, it's called a "lifestyle business".

1350 171 09-18-2020

Twitter's killer feature is that your friends and family are not on it.

1593 140 02-01-2022

My progress over the years:

Year 1: $0/month
Year 2: $100/month
Year 3: $200/month
Year 4: $2,500/month
Year 5: $6,000/month

If you feel like you are progressing slowly, don't worry. Your progress won't be linear.

Most people (and almost myself) give up in year 1 or 2. https://t.co/IJzObK7swS

1761 137 12-06-2021

Your $0/mo startup doesn't need "forgot my password" functionality.

It just needs paying customers.

1926 134 01-24-2023

I manually went through every single company that recently raised money.

Below are the ones that are most likely to outsource design and/or software.

Comment or retweet this and I will DM you the list for free ❤️ https://t.co/BpQ2OKco3F

248 124 12-09-2021

My salary over the years:

- 2017: $0/mo

- 2018: $500/mo (full time job in Greece)

- 2019: $100/mo (quit my job, just from projects)

- 2020: $4k/mo ($2k from job in Italy + $2k from CyberLeads)

- 2021: $4k/mo (quit my job, just from CyberLeads)

- 2022: $35k/mo (CyberLeads)

1990 94 10-31-2022

Me at 22:
- Wants to change the whole world.
- Wants to build a $1B+ company.

Me at 27:
- Wants to change my world first.
- Wants to be financially free.

1387 80 08-17-2021

My business:
- Makes $5,000 per month
- Costs $7 per month to host

Don't overcomplicate things. https://t.co/eWTBt8pkEw

1364 66 11-30-2021

“No-code” will do to software what “the cloud” did to hardware.

With cloud computing, we realized that it doesn’t make sense to own our servers anymore.

With no code, we will realize that it doesn’t make sense to own our source code either.

And yes. I'm a programmer.

435 65 06-08-2021

Progress is not linear:

- 2018: Working full time as a dev in Greece making $500/month.
- 2022: Working on my own schedule and making $1,000/day.

Same person. Same work ethic. Different choices. Different outcomes.

Daily reminder that nothing makes sense. And life is not fair. https://t.co/iEaPW9qsYD

1164 63 08-08-2022

Opinion: The 8 hour work day cripples us.

We end up becoming too specialized and mediocre in everything else in life because we don’t have any extra time left.

Time to think, read a book, take a walk, meet new people, have uncomfortable conversations, take risks, grow.

433 54 04-19-2021

I used to build so much useless shit because I wanted to be unique and creative, instead of useful.

Drop your ego and build what the market wants. Not what you want.

553 54 01-18-2021

Before you decide to price your product at $5/mo, consider this:

You will need 2,000 paying customers just to get to $10k/mo.

Palantir has 132 paying customers and makes over $1B/year. https://t.co/BeokEtf4F5

419 50 05-11-2021

Last month I crossed $50k ARR with https://t.co/kjAvOwHxKR 🎉

Building an online business is the most counter intuitive thing I've done in my life.

Here are my top 10 counter intuitive learnings 🧵👇 https://t.co/pfEb9CYrqh

460 47 07-07-2021

First time founder:
- Goes B2C
- Focuses on product

Second time founder:
- Goes B2B
- Focuses on distribution

405 41 06-12-2021

Wow.. my side business made more $$$ than my day job this month! 💙

2014 38 07-27-2020

Two years ago I was getting paid $500/mo, busting my ass working full time as a programmer in Greece.

This morning, I made $500 from my own business, while drinking my morning coffee. I don't even know what to make of this.

Life can be very unfair, until you discover leverage. https://t.co/Mt90m2NJHY

770 37 03-24-2021

Reached $500k/yr with my solo biz ❤️

2326 36 02-06-2023

Why I quit my job.

https://t.co/EZynXSaJgb https://t.co/7Zmzy8wcbN

625 34 12-27-2020
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