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The nine greatest ads and what makes them effective:

1. Volvo w/ Jean-Claude Van Damme

Volvo wanted to demonstrate the stability and precision of Volvo’s dynamic steering.

Cost: $4M


• 48M views in 9 days
• $170M in Revenue https://t.co/gFQaHmFbm1

26098 4310 12-11-2022

Find an enemy.

Highlight their problem.

Position yourself as the solution. https://t.co/o9N2fHotBm

23317 3351 11-25-2022

Copywriting is a superpower.

Learn it and you can sell just about anything.

Use these 7 threads to master copywriting in the next 5 min 🧵

11093 2923 06-16-2021

A perfect example of knowing your audience.

Amazing. https://t.co/tIaDK2olfd

13175 2843 06-23-2021

ChatGPT will save your marketing team time and money if you know how to use it.

Here are 7 ways ChatGPT can power… https://t.co/q6CptWNebL

14813 2752 01-09-2023

50 Marketing Threads That Will Teach You More Than Any Marketing Class 🧵

10591 2671 05-09-2021

In 2007 Steve Jobs changed the cell phone industry with the iPhone forever.

To create demand, he created a problem to sell a solution.

The mastery comes in how he positioned and differentiated the iPhone.

Here's a step-by-step breakdown: https://t.co/CYGJowoq7n

11095 2315 08-14-2022

Good copywriting is a superpower.

Amazon, the second most valuable brand in the world, puts an emphasis on teaching its employees how to write.

They know good copy equates to more customers.

These are the 8 tips to write like an Amazonian 🧵

7492 1681 07-18-2021

A superpower everyone should develop: Copywriting.

Amazon, the second most valuable brand in the world, puts an emphasis on teaching its employees how to write.

Here are the 9 tips to write like an Amazonian:

9070 1564 08-12-2022

I built my Twitter following from 1k to 40k in 50 days.

My email list from 0 to 7k in 2 months.

And I didn't spend a dollar.

Here are the 9 secrets to building an audience fast 🧵

7822 1484 06-02-2021

Tom Cruise is a badass.

From one of the people on set:

“Tom Cruise just rode a motorcycle off a cliff… six times… https://t.co/M7dFA9CN3e

8159 1254 12-22-2022

Bad Marketing Copy:

- This is what I do
- This is what it does
- This is why it's cool

Good Marketing Copy:

- This is what you're facing
- This is how I can help you solve that
- This is what differentiates me
- This is why this product is right for you
- This is my promise

7118 1164 02-08-2022

Kia's rebrand is confusing people.

People are mistaking Kia's new logo for "KN."

Because of that, over 30,000 people are searching for "KN Car" on Google.

So, If I'm Kia this is how I'd capitalize on the oppurtunity: https://t.co/WeZnFfjo1j

7581 1111 12-08-2022

At 38, David Ogilvy was unemployed and hadn't written a word of copy.

Three years later, he was the most famous copywriter in the advertising industry.

And became known as the Father of Advertising.

Here are 7 tips from the legendary copywriter 🧵 https://t.co/IFrb3DGEWX

5094 1086 10-15-2021

Your landing page can either bottleneck growth or drastically impact revenue.

And after working on 300+ landing pages I put together a blueprint for you to optimize yours.

Here are 10 tips to increase your conversion rate 🧵

6598 1041 12-05-2021

Volkswagen, Ford, GM, Toyota, and BMW collectively spend $25B+ on advertising each year.

@elonmusk says Tesla will always spend $0 on advertising.

The result?

Tesla is worth more than the 9 largest car companies combined.

Here are 16 takeaways from their marketing playbook 🧵 https://t.co/nReTYOPoAW

4923 961 08-07-2021

Steve Jobs was a visionary, innovator, and hell of a marketer.

Guy Kawasaki said, "Steve was the greatest marketer ever."

His approach was the base for building the most valuable company in the world.

Here are 11 marketing lessons from Steve Jobs that will catapult growth 🧵 https://t.co/JnfrXFU8ka

3962 898 08-08-2021

I've worked on over 300+ landing pages.

These 12 learning will help you convert traffic into customers 🧵

5260 801 11-04-2021

The framework Pixar and Disney use to tell compelling stories that keep your eyes glued to the screen 🧵 https://t.co/BeGEjo37C2

5959 794 12-19-2021

Curious how a company with a $2+ trillion market-cap writes persuasive copy?

Here are 13 ways Apple persuades readers with its copywriting 🧵

4256 766 04-26-2021
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