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Ideas without action aren’t ideas. They’re regrets.

– Steve Jobs

2344 516 09-08-2021

Startups may fail, but the founders behind them never.

1135 165 08-08-2021

If you are building a startup or looking to launch a project or creating content on the Internet, you should have a community and building one is not an option, it's a must!

Here are 13 tools that I think will help you start and scale a community.

A thread ↓

729 160 06-30-2021

Want to build a startup?

Just go to Craigslist --> pick a category that has not yet disrupted --> launch a landing page with a waitlist --> validate --> build an MVP and ship it --> find early adopters --> iterate with them --> price the product --> scale from there πŸš€

661 103 07-15-2021

Ideas are cheap.

Execution is expensive.

Whoever understands this. Wins πŸ†

331 72 06-12-2021

This may be the last generation that has a powerful tool like the Internet, and the focused attention span to do deep work.

- @Naval

844 64 05-26-2021

This is the most informative/impactful podcast episode I ever heard about web3!

@naval changed my worldview about startups with his 2015’s appearance on @tferriss podcast and now he did exactly the same with @cdixon about web3!

A must listen: https://t.co/IqkVOO7xmg https://t.co/EHcsPgUnhs

450 57 12-19-2021

Startups from India, LATAM, Africa are on the rise πŸš€

I’m incredibly bullish on founders from these markets.

If you are one of them and looking for some help, DM me and let’s figure it out!

460 52 11-24-2021

Ten tweets/threads that you shouldn't miss if you are building a community πŸ’―

PS: I handpicked these and often refer to them when I need some inspiration!


249 44 09-22-2021

A wise man(@naval) once said - build many small side projects before building a startup.

A piece of advice I literally took and never turned back πŸ™πŸΌ https://t.co/GhvKzLpROV

566 38 11-21-2022

Build many side projects before building a startup.

384 36 08-30-2021

The most important skill to develop in 2001 is learning how to code.

The most important skill to develop in 2021 is learning how to build a community.

252 34 09-13-2021

How to make money by doing what you love to do.

Here's an eight-step framework that worked for me.

Follow the thread 🧡

176 34 02-08-2022

Probably one of the best writing pieces in 2022 - at least to me!

@jackbutcher narrowed it down to what do to and… https://t.co/qocQykUVhK

241 29 12-26-2022

You launched an MVP. Epic πŸš€

Got some users. Yay 🍾

Get some traction. Wow πŸ”₯

But...what now?

An actionable checklist on what to do next, from one founder to another 🧡

185 27 01-26-2022

How to start building in the public if you have zero followers on Twitter.


169 25 10-20-2021

Twitter is an open university where you get to learn from the best teachers πŸ™πŸΌ

These are some I constantly learn from:

-Life lessons from @naval
-Community building from @gregisenberg
-Creator economy from @ljin18
-Anything VC from @lolitataub
-Distribution from @rrhoover

102 21 08-25-2021

Putting the bat signal out

Few things don't work out and sadly, my time at On Deck ended last week, so now I'm looking for my next gig!

Who wants to elevate their community game?

I'm here to help πŸš€

113 19 04-20-2022

No school or college teaches you how to build a community, and the best way to learn the art of bringing people together is to adapt frameworks/methods from the best community builders.

So here are 15 books that will teach you how to create a true belonging!

A thread 🧡

83 19 06-17-2022

Not knowing how to code shouldn't stop you from shipping exciting ideas!

Often times you can gain validation and traction with a simple MVP that can be built using no-code tools!

Here are 25 no-code/low-code tools that help you go from idea to MVP in no-time ↓

65 18 05-13-2022
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